Free Minimalistic Wallpapers

Simplicity is often the key to genius. Minimalism as a style in visual art and music has always had its fans. When all the decorations are gone and the entire design is stripped down to the most fundamental and meaningful elements – a whole new wisdom appears: clear, sincere, and eternal. Furthermore, minimalism is said to be popular these days as well – for example, modern web designers prefer clear backgrounds, simple shapes, and basic textures to focus on the content and make the perception and use of the particular design more intuitive. If the ideas of minimalism are close to you, why don’t you make use of some of the free wallpapers for computer desktops we have prepared for you today? These are minimalistic wallpapers, which will make your digital working environment clearer, more organized, and even more Zen-focused, so to say…

smashy smashy by Dan Meyer

Think Different by pincel3d

Toucan by Vlad Gerasimov

Self Portrait by Vlad Gerasimov

Sketchbook – self-portrait by Vlad Gerasimov

Learning To Fly by Vlad Gerasimov

Micro Animals – Giraffe by Vlad Gerasimov

Aquarium by Vlad Gerasimov

Maybe It’s Over To The Left by Dan Meyer

How cars are made by plusone

86, aka Feed Me Seymour by Dan Meyer

Sleek and Sporty by John Lee

Sleeper by Josh Ellis

Fish by nicobou

chameleon by nicobou

ZitronenWP by mailfor

Shake by pincel3d

Sooo happy by pincel3d

NatureCaptured by Gilles Lemagnen

Cubix3 by Gilles Lemagnen

apple wallpaper black by ѕңαмαη

Mac Classic Wallpaper Minimalistic 1 by Charles Webb

1972 by Nikola Lazarevic

The Typographic Grid by arnoKath

CANADA TYPE by arnoKath

yarra – wallpaper ed by Robert Parviainen

in black sand by Robert Parviainen

CANADA TYPE by arnoKath

i’m thinking by Nikola Lazarevic

Merdeka_Wallpaper_1920x1200_W by KarmaKloth83


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