Daily Inspirations no. 203

What an amazing thing the inspiration is! Even being totally invisible, untraceable, and often unexplainable phenomenon, it receives so much public attention, especially in the world of art. Somebody sincerely believes inspiration is nothing but a matter of divine blessing, others, following materialistic ideas, are sure that inspiration is just a part of a technological process, during which some art piece is produced. Anyway, everybody agrees that there is no art without inspiration, and inspiration is always beyond control of an artist himself. However, it is suggested that inspiration is more likely to come to those, who are working hard and looking for the inspiration constantly. If that is true, Cruzine may be of help, because we provide tailored environment full of creative ideas and images, where you could look for your own inspiration…


Photo by Zuza Krajewska and Bartek Wieczorek

Photo by Simon Scott

Photo by Teresa Queirós

Photo by Teresa Queirós

Photo by Nicole Trunfio

Photo by Megan Breukelman

Photo by Megan Breukelman


Crying sky! by Xueguo Yang

Steampunk Hades by Kevin Chin

At long last, unveiled by Linda Bergkvist

Torturing Poor Mushroom by Blaz Porenta

Stealing Candy From Babies by Kevin Dart

3d Arts

Zakumi 3d by Alejandro Albarracin

Lucy Vegas – Pool by Andrew Hickinbottom

Bjork by Lee Davies

Art and Digital Art

Mary Jane Ansell by Jannike Viveka

Hope and Fear by Mr Toledano

Artwork by MooNyk

Artwork by Sabrina Garrasi

Artwork by Natalia Syuzev


Typography artwork by Richard Perez

Paperclip Typography by Jon Buckley

Collages – ABC of professions by Anastassia Elias


Colégio Villa Lobos: Get in shape for college, 3 by Engenhonovo

John West: Bear by Grey

Väskshopen (The bag shop): Your vacation starts at Väskshopen by Clara


Lighthouse Tower by Mikou Design studio

Goggle Desk by Danny Venlet


VT36 by Hyun-Seok Kim

Papyrus by Jeongsuk Park of SADI




deStyle by Simon Rimkus

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Team Ghost – High Hopes by 16ar


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