The Odd Intricacy of Queer Imagination

The imagination of every person is unique and so much different from that of other people. Perhaps, that is the reason why we will definitely have different visions and associations pictured by our minds while speaking about some notions, things, or objects. Thus, if speaking about art, the average person will most certainly think about something beautiful from the aesthetic point of view. The minds of the professionals or at least people close in some way to art may awake quite different visions before the inner eyes of those – more uncommon, specific, bizarre.

In fact, many real talents viewed and perceived the whole world around them, including the most trivial and trifling things, differently, in their own way, which was often treated as something very strange and out of place. However, due to their uncommon perception of the world, as well as desire and skills to render their visions on canvases we now have a chance to observe the unique talents of Salvador Dali, Kazimir Malevich, Victor Brauner, Vincent Castiglia and other artists.

We would really like to know what visions were created by your mind when you just read the title of our today showcase. What emotions do these images cause in your soul – fear, shock, sarcasm, amusement? We believe that irrespective of whether you are an advocate or opponent of such art, you must be still amazed by the imagination and technical skills of these illustrations’ authors.

Monsterland by Aleksei Bitskoff

Illustration Mix (Audi, Diesel etc.) by Andreas Krapf

Recent Paintings ( 2010 / 2011 ) by Seb NIARK1 FERAUT

Fake Japanese Vintage Ad Characters! by Juan Molinet

Metropolitan Creatures by Darren Pearson

The Nerd Secret by Dekore

The Damned Toys (Agoust 2008) by Dario Dr.Pepper Maggiore

Forgotten Fauna. by Felipe Vargas

Young lust /// Personal by Antonio Marcato

Creature Doodles by Yee Chong Wee

Vector Illustration by Tuomas Ikonen

My first Playboy /// Personal by Antonio Marcato

Eve Zerk by Collignon Antoine

Scrambled Head by Cohen Gum

Inked Roosevelt Franklin Poster by Quinten Castillo

Diseased Dogs by Sorin Sorasan

Memorias y Bestiario by Alejandro Arrubla

BIG FRANK by Mikey G.

Old Illustrations by Lubomir Arsov

Alimentate Sanamente by emme

Mexican Santa by Daniel van Westen

Purple Rain by Mr Go

Illustration by Vanja Blajic

Dinner Is Ready by Jacopo Rosati

Party Monster Pattern by Cristiano C. Barros

Life isn’t weird by Oskarmora

Lisbon Street Illustrations by Stephanie Co some weird-ass illustrations over here by shawn.roos

weirdest neighbor by Mariusz Drozdz

Shanky Two-Wheels by TheGrossUncle

Daily Sketch 101 by TheGrossUncle

more deadly meat by Paul Hayes

jotah by Juan Pablo Giusepponi


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