Daily Inspirations no. 202

Changeability is the characteristic not only for weather but it also often characterizes the world of art and its representatives. Artists adore changes – in the working and living surroundings, in hobbies and interests, and even in infatuations. They say changes give them fresh inspiration. There is definitely a certain link between changes and inspiration. Changes in the environment or activity make us activate and use profoundly such mental processes as exploring, learning, adaptation, imagination, etc. Obviously, inspiration is often born under such favorable conditions. Cruzine magazine also represents an example of changeable environment – every day we come to our readers with new collections of visual designs from a variety of art forms and hope that among the displayed works you will find something that will inspire and invigorate your creative intensions.


Photo by Luís Otavio Machado

High speed photography by Alan Sailer


Photo by Teresa Queirós

Photo by Teresa Queirós

Photo by Antonina Dolani

Photo by Maxime Chillemi


Lilith (nudity) by Thitipon Dicruen

S.i.x!!soul In Exile!! by Xueguo Yang

Tree Fusion by Antonio Caparo

Arbiter of the Light by Kevin Chin

3d Arts

The Outpost by Ognian Bonev

Cathy Ray by Andrew Hickinbottom

Freakazoid by Alejandro Albarracin

Art and Digital Art

Mesmerizing Surreal Art by Natalie Shau

Hand Drawn Portraits by Andreas Preis

Corporate artwork by DesignBliss

Artwork by Damian Klaczkiewicz

Artwork by Andy Thomas

Artwork by Alexandra Danilova


typography artworks by Fontfabric

typography artworks by Richard Perez

typography artworks by Stefan Chinof


Halls: Shopping by JWT

Lotte Eclairs: Mango by Rediffusion Y&R

Zoo of São Paulo: Lion by Spicy Comm


Vertical Neighborhood Tower in NYC by solus4

Visual Permeability Pavilion by Luis Alarcon


iPhone 5 concept by Michal Bonikowski

Refined Yacht by Pietro Russomanno




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Esteban Diácono // Echolab // Final Film by Resonance


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