Daily Inspirations no. 201

Do you think that humans are the only ones, who can be models for photography? Let us show you that at least horses can do the same job as well – just have a look at the photos, captured by Tim Flash and Rob MacInnis from the inspirational gallery below and you’ll see that we do not make unsubstantiated statements here. Besides, we are here to share with you some cool examples of the overloaded photography, beauty portraits, made by Rosie Hardy and Antonella Arismendi, and, of course, a range of interesting digital illustrations and 3D graphics, practical implementations of revolutionary designs in architecture and technology, some cool fonts, and a fresh WordPress free theme to make our recipe of the inspirational gallery complete. Bon appétit!


Photo by Rosie Hardy

Horse Photography by Tim Flach

Overloaded photography by Unknown

Photo by Antonella Arismendi

Pink Motel by Antonella Arismendi

Photo by Antonella Arismendi

Farm Animals by Rob MacInnis


Illustration by Ryohei Hase

Miss Clito by fullyillustrated

Long-past civilization! by Xueguo Yang

Sleeping Beauty by Antonio Caparo

WarGeneral vs TechnoMage by Michael Dashow

3d Arts

Worlds Collide by Ognian Bonev

Tron by Mariano Steiner

SteamGirl by Jef Wall

Art and Digital Art

Artwork by Yosuke Ueno

Hyper Realistic Sculptures by Ron Mueck

Artwork by Przemyslaw Stradczuk

Artwork by Nadia Lazizi

Artwork by Mikhail Filippov


Typography by André Beato

Illustrative Lettering in Vector by Unknown

Digital artworks and typography by Mauro De Donatis


Pictionary: Wrestler by Ogilvy

3M: City by DDB

Bund: Brown Bear by Scholz & Friends


Weird and Wacky Furniture by Straight Line Designs

The NEST Chair by Markus Johansson


Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical radio Telescope (FAST) in China by Unknown

Concept Cabin by Airbus


Elegant Themes


Yoko WordPress Theme by elmastudio

Download WordPress Theme


AMP Possibilities by Resolution Design


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