Daily Inspirations no. 200

Daily Inspirations no. 200

When you shuffle the pack of cards, it may give you the vision of having the situation under your own control. But, hold on; do not forget that it is nothing but the vision. Yep, you have all the cards in your hand, you shuffle them in the way you like and you can do anything you want, but while you stick to the rules and hold the pack face down – you cannot do anything to get the trump but to hope for the good luck. In the art process the situation is often the same. You can have everything at hand – paints, canvas, models, time, and even funding – but you will still need one more essential ingredient to make the things work. For card players this ingredient is called fortune, and for artists – it is Her Majesty Inspiration. You cannot order or purchase true inspiration – it comes on its own to those, who search and thus deserve it… Cruzine is not a dealer in the game of art; we just suggest the sources, where you can look for inspiration…

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