Architecture Photography – Being Able To See Everything

Sometimes architectural creations are so big in dimensions that a human eye just cannot seize the entire ensemble in its complete magnificence and grandeur. Think about Egyptian Pyramids or American Pentagon building, for example. Or, on the contrary, we may perceive the entire building in too general perspective totally forgetting about small yet beautiful and meaningful elements of the design. Here you may think about the rich decoration of the Indian Taj Mahal. In any of such situations photography can be of great help, because it can show a particular architecture work – a tower, bridge, skyscraper, subway station, from multiple angles, thus helping us to see everything what a particular architectural form is all about…

The level of detailing is important in architecture, and so it is in photography. An architect always uses small details as building blocks for creating huge and massive structures. The advantage of the photography is that it can show us both – the entire structure and the close-up views of the details, which put together that particular structure. Interesting interior of the concert hall, panoramic views of the underground stations, and glowing illumination of the bridge at night – these are only some of the highlights of the architecture showcase Cruzine offers its readers today…

The bridge by Kees Smans

Up by Ralf Wendrich

Elektrozavodskaya Station, Moscow Metro by Ivan Makarov

Colors and Symmetry by MG-Photography

Early morning, under the old pier by Jose Barbosa

WhiteDome by KPK .

Untitled by Leonor Acaso

Green exit by Ralf Wendrich

above a checkered floor by Anne Maningas

Light tracks by Fernando Correia da Silva

behind the stadium by Loïc Moyou

White by Ralf Wendrich

library by Claudia Leverentz

Subway motion by ILiX X

Deal Pier by Gavin Dunbar

The Drain! by Aaron Yeoman

Triangular caleidoscope by Dan Clausen Hansen

Escalate by Gary Cohen

INFINITY by Alisdair Miller

Red by Ralf Wendrich

Escaping the weight of darkness by kevin saint grey

Angel Fish by Peter Petzold

East Meets West by Jeff Sullivan

False Shelter by Albert Tam

Ultra Modern Retro by Roland

tunnel by Claudia Leverentz

Tron by Alisdair Miller

The Classical Stairways, Singapore by Danny Xeero

Chicago fire escape by Kuo-Ling Huang

SCS by KPK .

“Lord of The Rings” – Last Meeting! by KPK .

Which Way Is Up? by Wade Griffith

Bridge In Sunlight by John Stokes

Architecture by Holger Schilling

Meanwhile, back in Berlin by Matthias Heiderich

Copenhagen Architecture by Kim Høltermand

Power Station by Kim Høltermand

Places by johan rosenmunthe

K3nc2r1Hus4t by Kim Høltermand

architecture in AMSTERDAM by Matthijs Borghgraef

downstairs by Jakob Wagner

architecture by kevin saint grey


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