Photo Manipulations – What Happens When Adults Dream

Dreamers have always lived among us. They are those, for whom reality is not enough and whose imagination is instantly producing some fancy ideas, building entire imaginary worlds and populating them with heroes and their opponents. In order to introduce such fantasies to other people, some dreamers used words and created fairy tales and legends, others used paints to show graphically what they dream about. The era of computers has presented all the dreamers with the new and powerful tools to shape their dreams into some tangible creations – images, illustrations, movies, etc.

Today Cruzine magazine features a collection of photomanipulation works to show its readers what modern dreamers are capable of. Initially photography was meant to show real objects as close to reality as possible. But over time, those who mastered traditional photography understood that they wanted something more, and by “more” they often understood an idea to modify and transform reality. That is how photomanipulation or manipulation of a photographic image started to develop as a separate and particular technique within the art of photography. We do not have here a clear explanation of reasons, explaining the desire for manipulating reality – maybe it is the eternal passion of an artist to create rather than to mimic, or an effort to overcome certain limits, which still exist for humans in reality, or, maybe, it is just nothing but a by-product of the impaired imagination, as some may say… Though the reason here does not matter for it is only the result which has value…

Draft Work by Sunil Tank

Phantxy by José Andrés Mojica

Current Portfolio 06/11 by Andreas Bommert

Such stuff as dreams are made on by Diogo Pisoeiro

Eject CD by Filip Romeling

Personal Work by Alexander Bass


TVN – Copa America 2011 – Pelota Humana by Jose Aubele

Glitch by Julien Pons

HB toxic by David Mugerwa

DeepInside by silvia mazabel

moi, moi, moi, moi, moi….. et moi… by Pierre Beteille

Gone With The Wind…. by Pierre Beteille

The master of puppets by Chiara Fersini

The Sound of Influence by Hayden Lihou

Perfect puzzle! by Beatriz AG

21 grams by Chiara Fersini

PHOTOMANIPULATION-Technologic_Psycho Android by AXIA comm – AXIA form

Y-a bon OGM! #2 / Yummy GMOs! #2 by Pierre Beteille

diseñarte by Wilson Cáceres

Aria by Chiara Fersini

The Infamy of a Story Never Told by Felipe Morin

back to the roots by Claudia M.

Your Heart Will Always Be Out Of My Reach. by JolsAriella

Technology || Teleidoscope by Roderique

The Escape by Pink Pixel Photography

Life by Ja Purón

jimi hendrix by Emiliano Quintana

come fly with us by John Alunan

You are never alone by heaven_bound


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