Country Life Snapshots

Today 80% of the American population live in urban areas, though cities themselves occupy only about 10% of the entire country territory. There is similar statistics in most of the countries around the globe. The biggest part of the Earth population has already migrated to cities with all its advantages, such as better prospects for work, healthcare, education, and entertainment, and drawbacks as poor ecology, noisy neighbors, and annoying lack of parking. However, we, those who failed to resist the temptations of urbanization, should remember about the other life that still goes its own way on the 90% of the territory, called rural or country area.

Country life is absolutely different from what city residents got used to – it has different pace of life, it offers more private area, cleaner air, and more chances to enjoy natural beauty. On the long run, country life is more sincere, because the man is closer to the nature, its wisdom, and to the valuable cultural legacy of the previous generations. Today we have prepared the gallery of country life pictures as our way to thank all the countrymen for their passion of living their own lives, even when the entire world goes crazy about fast food, movies in 3D, and glowing neon lights of big cities. And, of course, we would like to thank county people for all the organic food, excellent wine, and 50% of all the corn produced for our breakfasts… :-)

AMERICAN FARMER – with Paul Mobley by Mike Campau

czech land by Lucie Cizkova

La vida en las comunidades de Potosí by Thomas Cristofoletti

New Years Day by Jack Ambridge

In the country / Poland by Peter Marciniak

Voralpen by Tobias Wilden

Lifestyle by Jonathan Chapman

Homeland by Mick O’Dwyer

FARM PROJECT Pt I by John Wildgoose

Fields in November by J. Nathaniel Dicke

The Farm by Lathen Kamas

From the Road by Lathen Kamas

In Search of Minnesota TWO by Stephan Faerber

Iceland – the LOST by Patrycja Makowska

INSODOS – portfolio by Maria Antunes

tractor on the Icelandic farm by Patrycja Makowska

ROMANIA by Joel Brooks Antas

Maple Ridge by Jag Nagra

Country life in Australia by Jonathan May

Tobacco Valley by Jim Bremer

At the Farm by Daniel Aviles

Poita Hue by Martin Rodriguez Brusco


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