Macro Photography – See the World at Close

The world around us is amazing and diverse. Our eyes allow us to perceive the surrounding world in colors, sizes, and resolution most suitable for our perception. But the capabilities of human vision are somewhat limited, so that we cannot perceive adequately certain aspects of the existing surrounding world. For example, we cannot see very small objects, which are still crucial elements of the world around. Fortunately, humans invented multiple technical means to overcome the limitations of the human sight and reveal the entire new world, which still exists next to us even if cannot see it with the bare eyes.

Macro photography is the key theme of this gallery. Tiny water drops, flowers and bugs, captured at a very close distance with powerful magnifying lenses, expose the whole new aesthetics to us with fabulous colors, fantastic shapes and textures. Macro photo is a great example to illustrate the versatility of life forms on our planet, where each form has its own specific aesthetics and beauty. Macro photography allows us to enjoy all that beauty, and now we are welcoming you to the gallery, displaying small worlds at close range.

Insectuality by Trevor Henry

animals and plants by Martina Woll

water & spider web by Oleg Zhukov

NEGATIVE by Zelé Angelides

Moss macro by Fekete Zoltán

Drops of Jupiter by karolina harz

The Evening of September 22nd by Trevor Henry

A Pumpkin’s Story (part II) by Paulo Gaspar Ferreira

Alienated Flowers 1 by Laurent Batailley

the butterfly breakfast by Oleg Zhukov

Campanula by Dasha Denger

My little world by Julie Rey

Macro Worx by Ivaylo Petrov

NATURE by Meriol Lehmann

herbalizers by hajdu tamas

My Father’s Underwood Typewriter by Christopher Çolak

Hauswurz by Lukas Pichler

Macro by Hans-Jürgen Sommer

Macro Dandelion by Tom Maeyaert

Macro #63 by buddyphil

Macro by Neurotica 9

Untitled by ivospan

Untitled by ivospan

Macro Eye by CubaGallery

Nature Macro by CubaGallery

There’s only one thing stops a hoverfly in mid flight.. Male hoverfly Syritta pipiens by Brian Valentine

Gladiators by Hennie van Heerden

we are family by stella-mia

Crocuses by Ben Heine

To bite or not to bite… by Andrew Snyder

Nice to see you:) by Crezalyn Nerona Uratsuji

Tres segundos de mi diario by Eduardo Mendez


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