Free Abstract Wallpapers – Spice up Your Desktop

Your computer is the door to the amazing and mystique virtual world or, maybe, a portal, full of undiscovered treasures, risky adventures, new knowledge, and opportunities. Naturally, such unique thing as a computer needs adequately unique decoration; and abstract wallpapers, we have collected here to gladden our readers, is definitely the most popular form of computer decoration. Contrasting or glowing colors, unusual geometric shapes, striking compositions, and indescribable objects – it is not easy to find the correct words to describe free abstract wallpapers, because this kind of graphics art is meant to be perceived by eyes, so let us not waste the words and let our eyes enjoy and choose among these cool wallpapers.

Dragon by Jason Chandler

Take My Heart – WP by Lily Seidel

blue wallpaper by Monika Serkowska

Relief by k3

Enigma by Futurology

HEART by Justin Maller

IDWallpack by Phanox

Curvy by Dennis Martijn Kleinman

un.flower.wp by azazyl

Colorpicker-a by iuneWind

Chromata Reincarnation by Mike Karolos

Icarus by Aeleath

Magnus by Anthony Harmon


June first render by iuneWind

Tiny World by Heiko Klug

The Dopeshow by Rik Oostenbroek

Fear Wallpaper by Adam Woodhouse

Dark Wallpaper by Unknown

White Wallpaper by Unknown

Artistic Wallpaper by Unknown

White Wallpaper by Unknown

White Wallpaper by Unknown

Blue Wallpaper by Unknown

White Wallpaper by Unknown


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