Heroes Illustrations

Heroes Illustrations

Human life consists of black and white stripes. Our world is filled with both: Good and Evil. That is why, people have always believed in some supreme forces that will help them overcome the misfortunes and win the enemies. And those are the heroes – noble, strong, and fair. They are always ready to help the one, who needs help, and they are always at the right place to prevent something evil from happening. From legends and fairy tales heroes migrated to fiction and comics and then to cartoons and to fantasy films. Today the idea of heroes is alive and popular as it was hundreds of years ago.

To prove the above claimed statement we are now offering the collection of modern illustrations, featuring different heroes. Of course, all these heroes are nothing but the result of someone’s imagination, but sometimes we really need to have something to believe in and hope for. After all, there is always a place for a miracle in this life and sometimes even the imaginary heroes may turn real. At least, this is what we would prefer to believe in. Apart of philosophy, we would like to draw your attention to the graphical and design part of this entire heroic theme. Have a look at the illustrations below to see how modern designers see heroes of today.

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