Daily Inspirations no. 191

Sometimes in order to make a great picture a photographer just has to be attentive to the life around and to click the shutter at the most appropriate time and place, taking a picture of some real objects, such as nature landscape, a girl on the beach, unusual city architecture, etc. Other situations require photographers to demonstrate imagination, creativity and artistic skills in order to prepare the scene and models, adjust the light, and create the necessary entourage for producing a masterpiece of photographic art. Both mentioned scenarios require talent to be successful, because it is the combination of talent and skills, which enables an artist, whether he is a photographer or a painter, designer or a dancer, to reach the destination, shown by his own imagination.


Ice Climbing by Kevin Steele

Ac Man by Glen Wexler

Surfing Rincon by Kevin Steele

Not So Grey by Rosie Hardy

Amazing Avant-Garde Hairstyle by Peter Gray

Photo by Luca Sage

Photo by Luca Pierro

Photo by Jill Greenberg


Hi We have been waiting for ya by Piotr Ruszkowski

Snow Queen by Jeremie Fleury

Twins – Totoro Forest Project by Bobby Chiu

Only You by Omar Diaz

The house in the sky by Olivier Derouetteau

3d Arts

Day of the tentacles by Olivier Cannone

Furian legend… by Alexey Kashpersky

black lagoon creatue by rodrigue pralier

Art and Digital Art

Moscow 2011 by Kislow

Lipton Ice Tea Illustrations by César Evangelista

Owl by Philippe Constantinesco

greno by minjae lee


Do work, son! by Lee Huynh

jeffo by Bobby Haiqalsyah

Do the type by Typewear


Bubbles Pet Cologne: Rabbit by Grey

Harley-Davidson by Brock Davis

Nike – Footlocker 2010 Apparel by Peter Jaworowski


The Granary by Interface Studio Architects

Parasite Office in Moscow by za-bor architects


Xbox 360: Wireless Speed Wheel by Microsoft

Hoverbike by Chris Malloy


The Blog Templates


Callcenter Girls Icons by Daantje

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Pi by Thomas Blanchard


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