Daily Inspirations no. 190

The world of art is changing these days. You do not have to visit an artist studio or a gallery to see art works any more. Even the works of art are changing today too. Canvas and oils are no longer the necessary tools for a painter to create a picture – he can now embody his most unusual ideas and concepts using a computer only, which can be all-in-one today: a canvas, paints, and a showroom. Cruzine magazine serves for the purpose of modern digital art. That is why we are showing daily how diverse and versatile art can be these days. Besides, we also believe that art itself is a powerful source of inspiration as well, and we offer our daily inspirational sets as our personal contribution to the idea of inspiration sharing among the artists and designers.


Iron Age Fog by Glyn Davies

Beauty by Bahadir Tanriover

Many Windows Left Open by Glyn Davies

Black Bikini by Jason Ierace

Eliza Cummings by Damon Baker

Sigrid Agren by Mariano Vivanco

Urban Quilombo by Sebastian Liste


Lapides clamabunt by Piotr Ruszkowski

Singing Swamps by Jeremie Fleury

The Ugly Duckling by Bobby Chiu

Natalie Portman Pin-Up by Omar Diaz

Art’zimut festival illustration by Olivier Derouetteau

3d Arts

Dogs by laurent pierlot

Gremlins v2 by damien canderle

I shot the sheriff by Olivier Cannone

Art and Digital Art

surreal photography by Robert and Shana Parkeharrison

surreal photography by Robert and Shana Parkeharrison

Residents of the Kind Mushroom Forest by Aya Kakeda

Cut Chair Optical Illusion by Peter Bristol

Língua Mãe by andrade lima


Young&Sleek by Lee Huynh

Hell hath no fury by Bobby Haiqalsyah

we❦type! by Typewear


Off!: Boat by Giovanni+Draft FCB

PTE Plague Exterminator: Plagued Building by Aunt Poison & The Alien Mindbenders

Rega Swiss Air-Rescue: Saint Bernhard by Lesch+Frei


PomPon by CROP

Lovely Penthouse with Expansive Views in Stockholm by Unknown


Mono by BAC



Vector 4 Free


Yummy by iconeden

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Why? by Oliver Latta


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