Daily Inspirations no. 189

True artists never work by order – they create their masterpieces only when the inspiration comes. They can spend days idly walking around and then create a genius masterpiece in just a couple of hours. Designers need to combine art with profession. Hence, on the one hand, all the designers need inspiration in order to create web site design, a logo, or an advertising campaign, which, definitely, puts them in the same team with true artists. But on the other hand, designers usually do not have time to wait for inspiration, they rather have deadlines. That is why designers really need to search for inspiration actively in order to create really valuable materials and to comply with the profession requirements. We, at Cruzine, understand clearly all the challenges of the designers’ work, and in order to make it a bit easier we are publishing our daily collections of inspiring design works.


Runner In The Woods by Jeffrey Lamont Brown

Finn by Dana Hursey

Vast Uncertainty by Glyn Davies

Hang Glider by Erik Almas

Beauty by Bahadir Tanriover

New Frontiers 1 by Adam Taylor

Aerial Rio by Mauro Risch


The undercity by wenjun lin

Frost by ibrahem swaid

Frankenstein’s Monster by Patrick Reilly

Selma by Sue Marino

Syllia’s Nightmare by Diane Özdamar

3d Arts

Killthechicken by laurent pierlot

CrazyBeaver by Eugene Dranov

Goblin Library by Marthin Agusta Simny

Art and Digital Art

AOI Advertising Directory by Charles Williams

slashTHREE / Order vs Chaos by Michal Sycz

Paintings by Dan May

Vanitas by Fernando Vicente

Paintings from “24th season” by Fernando Vicente


Oh so retro II by Lee Huynh

Dripping type by Steven Medina

Hello, goodbye! by Linnea Borjesson


Telepizza: Giant Octopus by Nostrum

Westin Hotels: Element of well-being No.15 by BBH

Fevi Kwik: Instant Adhesive by OgilvyOne


The Vita Lamp by Brian Rasmussen

Modern styled cabinets by Unknown


Ferrari 458 Italia Zeus by RS Project

MAS 36 Yacht Concept by KEYFRAME Studio




BlakMagik by Gopal Raju

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Transformers 3 “Birdmen” Featurette (HD) by Michael Bay Dot Com


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