Logos with Funny Characters

It’s a well-known fact that companies always look for vivid and eye-catching logos capable of captivating the attention of the potential clients and stay in their memories for some time. However, logos are usually more than just about being noticeable: they are much more about the intuitive and easy understanding of a company’s field of occupation and association between the company and its products. To meet those requirements, the images of the logos should naturally be bright, colorful, and quite simple at the same time. However, to be remembered for as long as possible, logos should also be either openly shocking or FUNNY, as in our today logos gallery. Cute, lovely, and amusing – they will definitely make you remember them!

Stranger software 5 by Wizemark

Stranger software 3 by Wizemark

Eagvest by deree

Varo by – Yoon -

Iceboy by 13mu

White Gnome by sbdesign

Sheep by vsevolod

Joker by nz paganini

Tacorama by ArtDemix

Monkeyboy Clothing by squirrel

Natural Selective v2 by Hayes Image

Handmade Fair by 13mu

LoveGeek by !mude

Crazy Idea V1 by Logomotive

DODO Pizza by Gal

b-boy by deiv

Microphonic by VikkiV

Fashionable alligator by 13mu

ayvi by alexmark

WOWCHA! by – Yoon -

Mail Pals by Hayes Image

clowntale by JRF

Mr & Mrs Limone by Creatibros

Pediatric Dentistry by bartodell

Cubist Coffee by strangeideas

Business expert by Alexita

spear nose creature by mavric

Fire and Brimstone Chili Team by leighton_hubbell

netex2 by Logomotive

Lickety Split by irishbug

mutant shark by roktiv


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