Daily Inspirations no. 187

Photography and digital painting, 3D designing and architecture, advertising and technology innovations, typography and free resources for designers – these are the highlights of daily inspirational sets, displayed at Cruzine. Today we have also prepared such collection of inspiring works to help our readers break their creative blocks, empower their imagination, awake the hidden talents, and produce some unique and interesting art works, capable of attracting the wide attention and fascinating the audience. So, if design is your profession or a hobby, welcome to Cruzine online magazine – to the world of inspiration, fresh designs, and innovative trends in visual designing.


5-megapixels by Leandro Sanchez by Repertorium Films

First Breath After Coma by Can Dagarslani

Voices of Haiti by Jeremy Cowart

ZULU by Milan Josipovic

Man Ape by Lennette Newell

Apocalypse by Hilary Hann

Iceland Volcano Eyjafjnallajokull by Julian Calverley


X-Games 2011 by Jordan Metcalf

Gemini by Soleil Ignacio

Fearful New Enemy by Adriano Alves

Luchadores by k3nny kid

The magic potion by teparit Chaiyajan

3d Arts

Giuseppe by laurent pierlot

Crazy Rabbit by Eugene Dranov

Five o’clock! by Igor Kudryavtsev

Art and Digital Art

Accelerator series by James Roper

Dolls, Plush by Grapheart

Sparkle girls by Carmen Ziervogel

216 steppaz poster by cocoa

Love great to innocent pelican by Viktor Miller-Gausa


055/365 – The All Day Everyday Project by Hannes Beer

puffpuffpass by Lee Huynh

metal gods by Bricio Dias


Carrefour: Oranges by Leo Burnett

Hugyfot.de: Shark by Lowe GGK

My Box: Refrigerator by Solution Comunicação


Jamirang Sofas by Bora Kim

House on the Flight of Birds by Bernardo Rodrigues


Cruiserio coupe by Xenatec

Quattro Coupe by Audi


PSD Graphics


Windows Icons V1 by Chris Scholten

Download Icons


140 dB by Tadas Svilainis


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