Mood Photography – How To Portray an Emotion?

What is the difference between a good photograph and an excellent one? First of all, an excellent photo is the one, which conveys not only the visual image, but the emotional environment as well. Photography becomes art once it crosses the borders of pure technology and gains the emotional coloring. A good photographer is the one, who has mastered all the practical techniques of photographing; but in order to become an art photographer one also needs to master the talent of communicating with the audience through his visual works.

When a picture shows the emotion, it usually refers to mood photography. We have devoted this gallery to this particular kind of photography art. Looking at the pictures below you may think that mood photography is all about such feelings as melancholy, gloom, sadness, and desolation. As you can see, many photographers have chosen scenes with fog to create the emotional atmosphere. Of course, such images do look gloomy, but on the other hand sooner or later fog will disappear and reveal even more intense colors and clearer shapes. Mood photography is unique because it requires audience active participation; such photography stimulates viewers’ emotional response, and that forms a real connection between an artist and a viewer.

n i g h t by Mikko Lagerstedt

Deserted City by Kim Høltermand

Rain by Navid Baraty

UnderNight by Benoit Paillé

Hyllie Water Tower by Kim Høltermand

Crane by Kim Høltermand

Isle of Skye – October 2010 by Julian Calverley

Fogy and snowy mood by BobRock99

Strange mood by Mariusz

Light and Rocks II by Dietrich Bojko

In The Spotlights by Jurjen Harmsma

Set The Mood by marcus claesson

_/ \ by Benoît Thierard

Come with Us… by Carlos Bravo

Train tracks by Ervin Bartis

Let’s Dock Here by Mikko Lagerstedt

Storm II by Mikko Lagerstedt

Multnomah Falls, 120 seconds by Zeb Andrews

Ghost Of Perdition by Chris Dessaigne

burnt sienna by Dene’ Miles

weather the storm by Andy Kennelly

Marvelous atmosphere by Andrey Salikov

P7191217 by Sam Stearman

quiet mood… by giorgiopix

Rainy Mood by david

moods…..Sidney pier by Anne Fearon-Wood

Moods – Darkness I by Julius Tjintjelaar

Champ de Mars by Roumi

stranded by Harry K.

Babel by J.Ota

Claustrophobia by PhotoCosma


Forever in my heart by Daniel Portal

The Wickerman. by Ian Munro

Shadow of truth by holger droste

Rehearsal by ciaranwhyte

Dry waves by paralaxa

smoking smoke by moses stell

different worlds VII by Remus Tiplea

Time for questions by Alain Dejeaifve

Hamburg – study XXX by Ronny Ritschel

different worlds VI by Remus Tiplea


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