Daily Inspirations no. 186

Many artists suffer from different creative blocks at certain periods of life – depression, illness, family issues, and lack of appreciation lead to the decrease of passion and ability to create notable art works. Inspiration is what breaks such creative blocks, unlocking imagination and creative thinking of an artist, but inspiration is not kind of staff you can buy in the drug store or read in the book. Inspiration is not subdued to the will of an artist; it appears on its own. Another thing is that over time artists can learn what helps them find their inspiration. Someone finds it helpful to travel to some new places, others simply change their daily regime, sometimes even a smile from a stranger girl in the street can make an artist produce masterpiece. History knows the examples when inspiration came to an artist as the night dream.


Ursine by Jill Greenberg

Horse by Jill Greenberg

Photo by Tamar Levine

Photo by Jens Fersterra

Photo by Jens Fersterra

Photo by Sam Hessamian

Photo by Sam Hessamian


Golan Bouncer by Mark Molnar

lamp of genies by Failuretalent

Making of Water by Victorior

Making friends by Nakatoni

Not blind to your ways by Victra

3d Arts

Fly by laurent pierlot

Happy Snail by Eugene Dranov

Enemy at the Gates by Igor Kudryavtsev

Art and Digital Art

Look by Cyprian Malinowski

Rock Ornaments by Happycentro

Finally Free by Kevin Roodhorst

Requiem by Cristiano Siqueira

Digital collage by Florian Kuhlmann


057/365 – The All Day Everyday Project by Hannes Beer

I Have A Big Heart by Berto Legendary H

Go Ape Shit by Lee Huynh


Bombril Lysoform: Gays by DPZ Propaganda

DIRECTV: Darth by Leo Burnett

P&G Fairy: Work by Grey Worldwide Düsseldorf


Casa de La Flora Resort by VaSLab Architecture

Exceptional Recreation of an Elegant 1973 Chair Design by Verpan


Aqua All Terrain Vehicle Concept by Volkswagen

Ferrari 458 Italia Zeus by RS Project


Official PSDs


Desktop Chaos by Evan Eckard

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Bubble by Elliot Dear


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