Daily Inspirations no. 185

Inspiration is a nice word, but only people, involved in art, understand the full meaning of it and inspiration really matters for them. Where to find inspiration? This is a common question, the answer for which is often strictly individualized. Today inspiration is requested not only by representatives of traditional arts, such as painting, literature, etc. Modern forms of art, such as web design, digital illustration, digital typography, also require inspiration. That is why, web designers and illustrators have already joined the group of artists, looking for inspiration on a daily basis. We hope our daily inspirational sets do help you find some new ideas and necessary motivation for your own creative activity.


Fashion by Ale Burset

Grand Central Light by Mitchell Funk

Chappel by Jure Kravanja

New York Sleeps Flat Iron by Christopher Thomas

Photo by Michael Paul Young

Designaside by Kirsty Mitchell

Photo by Unknown


Prince of Persia by Xavier Thomas

Artwork by Unknown

Jessica Fortner illustrations by Jessica Fortner

Hydro74 Animal Series Vol. 1 by Joshua M. Smith

Vectors by Gloria Pizzilli

3d Arts

GroNap by laurent pierlot

Speed Turtle by Eugene Dranov

Nordlystroll by Igor Kudryavtsev

Art and Digital Art

Liquid Smoke by Ryann Cooley

Call up old memories by Irina Vinnik

Links by Tatiana Plakhova

Minml. by Vladimir Shelest

six seconds by Andrey Nepomnyaschev


067/365 – The All Day Everyday Project by Hannes Beer

The Leader In Control by Berto Legendary H

Yes Yes Ya’ll by Lee Huynh


Kitchen Aid: Blender, Cherry by Miami Ad School

Bombril Fort: Girl by DPZ Propaganda

Bombril Lysoform: Doll by DPZ Propaganda


Cradle by Ball-Nogues Studio

Casa CC by Longhi Architects


TouchSmart 610-1030a by HP

Robot rover by Tim Lexen


Blogger Templates


Paragrams by wpshower

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I Break Horses – Hearts by Alex Southam


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