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We do not know why, but sometimes people just get tired of reality and want to see and experience something alternative, fantastic, or imaginary. Science fiction has always been one of the most popular genres of the literature, and fantastic movies have always demonstrated record-breaking popularity in cinemas. Maybe the explanation is the fact that every adult remains a child somewhere deep in his soul, and all the children do love cartoons, especially those related to the world of fantasy with alien invaders, superheroes, mystique worlds, scattered in deep space, and yet unexplored places and phenomena on planet Earth itself.

The backbone of the modern cartoons and fiction movies (BTW, many of cartoons are targeted today not only at children but at adult audience as well) is digital 3D illustration. We now want to show you the collection of such three-dimensional images, which feature different fantastic characters and scenes. Aside of the specific idea and nature of the objects portrayed, such illustrations demonstrate in full literally limitless capabilities of modern illustration techniques, allowing an artist to play with colors, shades, textures, and shapes and create images, which being complete imaginary look very real and true.

wip charlize by Mihai Anghelescu

Eevil-K by ZhiHeng Tang

Cat with Mouse by Andy Runyon

cat in love by Ehsan Hassani Moghaddam

My Mermaid by Ehsan Hassani Moghaddam

jump by yellow men

pieso by Patryk Habryn

Dock35 by Stefan Morrell

The Inevitable by Stefan Morrell

Trenchtown by Stefan Morrell

Portrait of an Old Man by Tony Reynolds

Blind Batman – Real Time Character by Jocelyn Zeller

Electric locomotive by Marcel Haladej

Orc by Marcel Haladej

Devil in iron by Nikita Veprikov

untitled_1 by Nikita Veprikov

Mask by Nikita Veprikov

Orc by Nikita Veprikov

The Cosmic Odyssey by Arseniy Korablev

Rusty sky by Arseniy Korablev

Rebuild by Andrew Hickinbottom

Lucy Vegas – Pool by Andrew Hickinbottom

Ooh la la! by Andrew Hickinbottom

Chakan by Fabricio Moraes

Fish Man WIP by Fabricio Moraes

3D Crab by Fabricio Moraes

Little Boy by Pedro Conti

LadyBug by Pedro Conti

Worm by Pedro Conti

Clothworld Macaw by Pedro Conti

Cloudy with a chance of meatballs Cover by Pedro Conti

Max and Milton by Jason Baldwin

Pan troglodytes by Jian Xu

Ma San Li by Jian Xu

A sheep by Jian Xu

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs! by Jian Xu

…… by Jian Xu

Cthulhu by Chris Nichols

The Gunslinger by Chris Nichols

Space worker by Guillaume Tiberghien

Bodyguard by Guillaume Tiberghien

Rhinoceros 1515 by Kazuhiko Nakamura

Brain Tower by Kazuhiko Nakamura

Automaton by Kazuhiko Nakamura

The Devils Cauldron by Dennis Allain AIA

Art Ventura by Cheong Hoe Yi

Wolf-man (composite) by Cheong Hoe Yi

FATJON’s performance by Yu Cheng Qu

BioShock Promotional Art – PW by Tyrone Maddams

Alien Vs Predator: Pool by Andre McGrail

Alien Vs Predator: Chess by Benjamin Parry

Moe’s by Victor Hugo Queiroz

Halowars by Alessandro Baldasseroni

Landing by Alessandro Baldasseroni

The two mighty kings by Jack Zhang

Plunderer by Jack Zhang

Day of the tentacles by Olivier Cannone

Spider Robot by Adrien Lambert


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