Daily Inspirations no. 184

Sculptors need stone to create art work, painters require paints and canvas, photographers need camera to produce something artful; but in order to create a real masterpiece – all of the artists need inspiration. Very often inspiration appears, when one observes already created art works – photographs, sculptures, architecture, illustrations, live web sites, movies, or even commercials. Cruzine is the virtual home for thousands of such sources of inspiration. For the purpose of sharing the inspiration today we are displaying city views by Ronnie Yip, amazingly beautiful waves by Clark Little, animals photo by Cally Whitham. To demonstrate the statement that artful design can sometimes be found in the most unexpected places – we want to show you interesting technology design of wireless speakers, funny mayonnaise poster, and really attractive font designs.


Photo by mebilia

Photo by Alcove

Photo by Ronnie Yip

Photo by Sigurd Grünberger

Photo by Cally Whitham

Photo by Alfred Georg Weissenegger

Waves by Clark Little


sewer dwelling monster by Andrei Pervukhin

Space Lightning by Alexey Kashpersky

Cities by Vesa Sammalisto

The Square by Tom Buch

Floweror by ISE Ratinan Thaicharoen

3d Arts

Baktofairy by Laurent Pierlot

Microworld by Eugene Dranov

Are You sure that it will be the Life After? by Igor Kudryavtsev

Art and Digital Art

Recent Editorial work by Brock Davis

COLLAGE DIGITAL 2010 by Luis Toledo

hana-sora by kahori maki


Telegraph Fashion II by Tom Bagshaw


104/365 – The All Day Everyday Project by Hannes Beer

Life Ain’t A Layup by Berto Legendary H

C4D – “Bang” Typography by _b4ddy


Hellmann’s Mayonnaise: No Leftovers, 2 by Ogilvy and Mather

Mitsubishi ASX: Crocodile by Africa

United Nations: Forest in Flames by Leo Burnett


Sandhurst Towers by SAOTA and OKHA Interiors

Harp Inspired Sculptural Armchair by Jaime Hayon


Sound of Light system by Sound of Light

Glass Speakers by Whamodyne


Taste of ink


Imbalance by wpshower

Download WordPress Theme


Half by Alex Bohs


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