Detroit – the City of Champions and the Motown

For slightly over than 300 years of its history, Detroit has evolved from a small settlement, known as Fort Ponchartrain du Détroit, into the City of Champions and to the Motown with its unique atmosphere, distinct local coloring, and features, easily recognizable throughout the world. Center of the American automobile industry and home of legendary Red Wings – Detroit has much to offer to its inhabitants as well as to all the guests of the city. We have devoted today’s photographic gallery, hosted at Cruzine magazine, to the city of Detroit, trying to describe this American city with the help of a mosaic of multiple separate images, captured by skillful and talented photographers.

Architecture and sculptures, street art and graffiti, tunnels, and city streets in different seasons and weather conditions – you’ll see many pictures of Detroit below. Of course, we could not pass by those things, which made Detroit a name – sport teams, magnificent stadium, and automobiles… Some of these photos are in black and white just to underline the quintessence of the composition; others demonstrate the life of Detroit in all the variety of colors. Finally, many of the photographs, presented below, concentrate on people, living in Detroit – and that is really the biggest wealth of the City.

Saint Anne de Detroit by George Peyton

D-Town by Mike Lanzetta

My tiny little town by Mike Lanzetta

The Belle Isle Bridge by Brian Day

Say Goodbye to Detroit by Thomas Hawk

The People Mover by Brad Gillette

H by Joe Alisa

Beautiful Sorrow by DetroitDerek Photography

Reflections of the past…. by DetroitDerek Photography

The core at night by Geoffrey George

At the old ball game… by Kc Jacoby

the urban jungle by Geoffrey George

slumpy by Ryan Southen

Ambassador Bridge by Ian A. Fraser

model t plant by Geoffrey George

Everest by Ryan Southen

Scott Fountain – Belle Isle (6/6/09) by Brian Callahan

Downtown Detroit by Ryan Southen

Critical Infrastructure II by Jeff Gaydash

morning light, fisher body, clean floor by Geoffrey George

zug island by Geoffrey George

detroit by Puja Parakh

Room with a View by Eric Holubow

a good day to die by Chris

Overpass – Detroit by Brian Callahan

Cobo Roof Parking Ramp & Detroit Buildings – Color by Brian Callahan

Labor Legacy Landmark – Arc & Buildings by Brian Callahan

the booth by Jon DeBoer

remains of greatness by sj carey

Detroit Downtown by Mr. History

GM building by paul bica

downtown detroit by Ryan Southen

The Best I Ever Had by Thomas Hawk

Morning view by Mike Lanzetta

jefferson ave by paul bica

Casa De Espana – Detroit by DetroitDerek Photography

The “Stage” Is Set ( Former Michigan Theater in Detroit) by DetroitDerek Photography

In Autumn, Everything In Michigan Turns Red ( Devil’s Nights A Comin’ ) by DetroitDerek Photography

Steganography by .brianday

the Fighter by Myron Watkins

dear mama by .brianday

Detroit, MI 1980 by Don Hudson

Detroit, MI 1981 by Don Hudson

surviving the times by Jon DeBoer

Detroit Michigan. Boulevard of broken dreams. by baklein62

The People of Detroit: The Jones Family by Noah Stephens

the assassination of by .brianday

its a job by Desolate Places

Red Wings starting lineup by Jake C.

Comerica Park by Mario.Q

giant by .brianday

The Message Never Sent ( Tribute to Brian Day ) by DetroitDerek Photography

The People of Detroit: Journaturalist by Noah Stephens

The Toss by Bobby Alcott

The People of Detroit: Axeman by Noah Stephens


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