Daily Inspirations no. 183

Art process is different from any technological process, mainly because aside of a particular technological sequence art also requires inspiration or some spiritual ingredient in order to produce excellent work (a picture, a sculpture, a photographic image, an illustration, etc.) Accurate following of the particular steps and patterns could be a perfect scenario for making some machine part, but such strategy will never lead an artist to the desired destination – a unique and authentic art work. Besides, inspiration motivates an artist for experimenting and exploring yet undiscovered routes. Existence of inspiration itself proves the absence of any limitations and copybook rules inside of the art process. Imagination is what matters, and inspiration is what unlocks and stimulates the imagination.


G o B r o w n by Joanna Kustra

The GIRL NEXT DOOR by Ana Dias

NYC by Ilya Plotnikov & Alexandra Zaharova

Naked dawn by Andrey & Lili

Red Shift by Ivaylo Petrov

Street Scenes by Danny Santos II

Nature by Ludovic Taillandier


Prince of Persia by Xavier Thomas

Le Roman romantique by ISE Ratinan Thaicharoen

Once in the woods by Andrei Pervukhin

CHASED by Alexander Preuss

Computer Arts 180 Tutorial by Tom Bagshaw

3d Arts

Biomechanoid by Mike Robinson

Robots by Nicolas Bois

The Fall by Olivier Ponsonnet

Art and Digital Art

Retro Futurism II by Sakke Soini

Krush by T.S Abe

Aquatic by Dante Terzigni

Tee designs selected by Threadless by Brock Davis

Woman Souvenir by Alberto Seveso


People Love Music by Henrik Wold Kraglund and Ludvig Bruneau Rossow

135/365 – The All Day Everyday Project by Hannes Beer

The Club by Berto Legendary H


Lemon School: Giraffe by OpusMúltipla

Chio Natura: Chips by Saatchi & Saatchi

Metro Magazine: Experience, 1 by Morris Pinewood


Leaf Stool and Bar Chair by Hyunsoo Choi

Esuoh House by Hofman and Brown Architects


VideoWave Entertainment System by Bose

e-Ink Wi-Fi e-Reader by Kobo




Underwater by Yegor Gilyov

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Slimtime by Slimtime


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