Square and Rectangular Logo Designs – Symmetry Rules

Do you like symmetry, accurateness, and straightness in logo design? Even if you don’t, we believe the following selection of classic square and rectangular logos will motivate you to change your opinion about such type of logos. These designs are, actually, widely spread and there is a particular charm in square logos. Well, maybe the word “charm” is not the best fit here since it may be better associated with some rounded and curly French-style designs; if so, let us use “balanced symmetry”, “accurateness of shapes”, and “mathematical precision” as the descriptions for square and rectangular shaped logos.

kafebox by rony xu

Mini Valley by grid

McLean Coffee by Sean Heisler

La Caramella by ru_ferret

Tiger Room by minor eight

edeka by milash

Cliff Place by Jerron Ames

Monkeyboy Clothing by squirrel

Mebel(Furniture)lion by 13mu

Strategy by Agencija

Profis Bud by midgar

day 71 – missing rocks by Wizemark

Toronto Star and the arts by rudy hurtado

Limelight Studios by brandclay

THERMO-COOL by Mikeymike

Georgian house by milash

Paranoia by strangeideas

Xavier Fence by Sean Heisler

Architectural heritage by Gal

RYJO cutting boards by Gal

A Bite From Detroit by Jerron Ames

Seeds of Love v.2 by camilorendon

Bumble Berry by QuirkDesign

Koal by yi-zhang

Smuggler by firebrand

wohnkunst by Jurastapark

credilion ver2 by KonradK

Found Customer by Matto

LandmarkScapes by Siah-Design

Red Earth by zephyr

Knaak Design by Jerron Ames

Note Studio by Chad Sanderson

yoglo ™ by brandclay

firetree grille by lundeja

Pink ink by Logomotive

artlove by dotflo

Zombie Mixer by strangeideas

Mondora by Hayes Image

365 Design by JDMdesigner

Brand Events by tass

Big Kahuna Software by Jerron Ames

River Park by azacarias7

Terranova by azacarias7

BowesPigs by azacarias7

Amiga Zine by HelloUriah


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