Funny Photography that Can Make Your Day!

Photography as the art and technique of portraying the world around us can be very different: beautiful, shocking, revealing, provocative, aggressive, tranquilizing; but it can also be funny, and that is the very quality many of photographers and viewers just love about photography. Funny photographs, like those presented in the below collection, can easily make you smile or even laugh loudly, put you in good spirits, and simply make your entire day! We spent hours to find these examples of real-life funny pictures (note that there are no traces of photo manipulation on most of them) and now we want to share this lively energy, irradiated by funny images, with our readers.

The greatest ability of a camera and the biggest talent of a photographer is to capture and freeze the right moment. Sometimes such moments can be really funny. Have a look at the face expressions of children or animals – and you’ll so much cheerfulness, joy, life satisfaction, and happiness… Or this man, flying with the balloons… or two nestlings, demanding their breakfast so expressively – aren’t all they funny? OK, let us make a long story short – funny photographs offer a great chance to relax and get the necessary mood in the anticipation of a long-awaited weekend. So, let us make use of it now – enjoy and have fun, life is beautiful… and often funny!

Happy Ears by Cindy Mead

cats fly by cat klein

Pop Corn (pt.2 of 2) by Mont Sherar

Begging Contest by Cindy Mead

Funny Blue by Peiman Afnani

funny man by Larissa Poa

Funny reflection by Andreja Drea

Funny Guy by Hrvoje Batinić

Great Crested Grebe and chick by Andy Rouse

The kite by Eric DRIGNY

Raider of the lost nuts! by Jacky Parker

Pencil Vs Camera – 48 by Ben Heine

The monkey who saw too much by Adde Adesokan

Set it off……352/365 {ABED!!!!!!!} by Abe Novy

Funny monkeys by tawfiq AlGhamdi ●₪ ELITES ₪●

The Mysterious Case of Pepe, the Pepper. by Vanessa Dualib

Eggbert ‘Casanova’… by Vanessa Dualib

band-aid bikini summer dreaming by Laurarama

Limpiando conciencias 2 by Roger costa

Please Call Jenny Craig by Carrie Taylor

Slurp ! by Hughes Léglise-Bataille

fun girl by saikiishiki

Baby Ring tailed lemur by IN CHERL KIM

Police Dog, Tess, 29/1/35 / by Sam Hood by State Library of New South Wales

At The Zoo : Watching The Animals by Will Gortoa

treasure island by miradel

One more time, one more time! by Atle Goutbeek

stare by cengizhan günesen

Kinky photographer by Ricky Siegers

And Nothing Else Matters…. by FrankBa

Mr. Prime Minister is not amused by Papafrezzo

Mr. Prime Minister is not amused by Arthroscopy

I’m the best…. by Michel Bellekens

I’ll show you last time- That’s how you suppose to pull your toes!!! by puma100 (Tatyana)

hey… – where is my movie?!!!… by Chiz

Big Babol Monkeybar by Invy Ng

Bodybuilder 03 by Nick Dolding

Home Olympics Diving by Nick Dolding

Costumer Revolution by Gaston Saldana

Supermans Sleeper by Jeremy Park

Cucumber by Chris Frazer Smith

Cool Grannies by Marieke Van Grinsven


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