Daily Inspirations no. 182

It is Friday today and the working week is almost over, but those, for whom design and art are something more than professional responsibilities, are never tired of learning, self-improvement, and searching for new ideas and inspirations. The mission of Cruzine is to make such work or, it is better to say, lifestyle easier. That is why we are publishing daily inspirational sets, which consist of 33 different visual works. Today we are offering a charming collection of photographs, such as Behind the Window, Spring Couture, and also a thrilling one – Kiss Me Deadly, and a sports one – Nike Soccer. Few illustrations are also here to excite the imagination, as well as architecture and technology designs are present to show you some advancements and diversity of modern design variations.


Behind the window by Sebastian Szwajczak

Nike Soccer by Joao Canziani

Travel by Joao Canziani

Elise by Henrik Adamsen

Kiss me deadly by Milad Sahafzadeh

200 LDs Stage Suit by Wei-Chieh Shih

Spring Couture by PACO PEREGRIN


Inuit Mythology Project by Eva Widermann

Incorruptible Covers by Christian Nauck

Paintings by Christian Nauck

Wind Jazz Bear by Pacman23

Jimi Hendrix by Tom Buch

3d Arts

Hello? by Cornelius Comanns

Lady Bird by Peter Fendrik

Cthulhu by Chris Nichols

Art and Digital Art

POWER by François Leroy

illustrations 2010 by Florian NICOLLE

Moon princess by Kahori Maki

ZEROING by Andrey Nepomnyaschev

Skull pattern by Dante Terzigni


Semi-Permanent by Victor Ortiz – Iconblast

148/365 – The All Day Everyday Project by Hannes Beer

Pop Models by Berto Legendary H


Samsung Papyrus Tactile E-reader: Harry by Brunstein Nathan

Gandhi Bookstores: Alice by Ogilvy & Mather

Pedigree Jumbone Maxi: Cow by BBDO


The Contemporary Harbour Grand Hotel, Hong Kong by unknown

Gazoline Petrol Station by Damilano Studio Architects



Simple Touch Reader by Nook




Portfolium by wpshower

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JELLYFISH LAKE by Sarosh Jacob


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