Fantasy Illustrations – Wake up Your Imagination

Since times immemorial people have always had some unexplained, sometimes even irrational interest towards things unnatural, unusual, and mystique. Every nation has its own legends and fairy tales telling us today about ancient heroes, fighting with dragons, mutants, and other creatures. We call such art fantasy, and today it has many fans and contributing artists. We are here to share with our readers a gallery of fantasy illustrations, which represent visually common perceptions of fantastic creatures and phenomena by modern graphical artists.

Aggressive warriors, representatives of unknown races, giant insects and animals, born by the imagination of illustrators and skillfully portrayed using all the advanced digital illustrating techniques impress and awake strong emotions. Fantasy illustrations, such as those represented below, give start to creating video and computer games, fantasy movies, the popularity of which grows these days. What does this mean? Is it the desire of a humanity to escape or transform the reality? Or, maybe, the theme of fantasy is nothing but nutritive food for our imagination, seeking new challenges and adventures?

Character Art by Eva Widermann

Illustrations by Artur Sadlos

Personal works by Jonatan Cantero

Paizo/Pathfinder illustrations by Svetlin Velinov

Depthcore XL Mythic by Nik Ainley

Cover Art by Eva Widermann

Dungeons and Dragons Work by Tyler Jacobson

Sad Candy Land by Aleksandra Marchocka

The Monstrosities of the Femme Fatale by Schin Loong

Pink Depression by Aleksandra Marchocka

Newer Stuff by Miroslav Petrov

Goblins in the castle by Ivica Stevanovic

Strange Places by Dirk Wachsmuth

Dragon Concept by Pall Timi

Gate of a “Happy” Town by Yaroslav Gerzhedovich

Kingfisher by Daniel Vijoi

The Wizard by Yaroslav Gerzhedovich

Fallen by Yaroslav Gerzhedovich

Prodigy by Rafael Sarmento

Between Clouds // Entre Nubes by Manuel Rodríguez Sánchez

A man’s dream by Embrision Arts (f.k.a. Brenvisions)

Head castle by Yaroslav Gerzhedovich

The puppets (detail) by Yaroslav Gerzhedovich

Thor riding in Patatadron by Sebastian Bages


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