Daily Inspirations no. 176

What can be more inspiring for a creative soul than the lights of the big city at night or tranquilizing natural sceneries of the sky-touching mountain tops or valleys with rivers, carrying their waters from the high mountains to the oceans and seas? Actually, it is true that there are two types of the sources of inspiration: first is natural, such as the nature itself, forests, lakes, or clouds, for example, and the second is man-made sources of inspiration: for example, existing fine art masterpieces, paintings, art photographs, even particular emotions and deeds can inspire us and kindle our imagination. In its daily inspirational sets Cruzine tries to combine both types of inspiration sources, offering all kinds of visual works from traditional photography to conceptual architecture. We sincerely believe that among such a diversity of the modern digital art works, every reader of our magazine will find his personal inspiration…


Photo by Marcin Stawiarz

Photo by Marcin Stawiarz

Afro Head Front by Nick Dolding

Blacksnow by James Porto

Oak Tree Wales by Stephen Bond

Lake District Road by Simon Stock

Casares by Jose Luis Hidalgo Salguero

Grab by Jessica Bialek

Alps/Winter by Akos Major


Crash Series 2005 – 2007 by Jonathan Wateridge

Artwork by Tony Sandoval

Artwork by Tony Sandoval

Small rabbit by Panenko Evgenie

Monster Gun Point by Bo Mathorne

Fine Art by Aaron McConomy

3d Arts

Turkey vs Egypt by ILYA Denisenko

A break from Bamboo by Jose Alves da Silva

Art and Digital Art

Manouchian by Barral Fabien

Data – Visualizations Vol. 1 (HZN039EP) by Sig Vicious

Artwork by Painter Stanislav Sugintas


Reebok 10k by POGO

LUST by Francisco Andriani

Mosi Type by Sig Vicious


Cero Caza De Ballenas: Whale, 2 by Los Quiltros

O Estado de São Paulo: Brazil by Y&R

Amour.com: Magazine by Euro RSCG 360


Beijing National Hotel by Emergent

The Pod Exhibition Pavilion by Studio Nicoletti Associat


Keyless LifeBook by Laura Lahti

V12 Zagato by Aston Martin


PSD Graphics


Free Photoshop Metal Style by Mike Bradshaw

Download Photoshop Layer Style




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