Bonsai – A Garden on the Desk Top

Everyone of us wishes sometimes to be a little closer to nature and feel more intensively the tight connection with its mightiness, immensity, and beauty. We can get vitality, inspiration, and pacification from it. Believe it or not, but even living in the high-tech and urbanized cities, we still can have a piece of nature literary on our desk top. The art of tiny indoor gardens is called bonsai. Originating from the country of the rising Sun, bonsai is now well-known and favored by so many people around the globe. Developed almost a thousand years ago by the Japanese people, who possess a refined taste for beauty and who created many different crafts and arts as origami or kanzashi, Bonsai can definitely be called one of the true fine arts, requiring much knowledge, skills, talent, and constant practicing.

Isn’t it charming to have a tiny but fully grown-up pine or maple tree on your table? Taking care of it can require much of your patience and time, but in the long run you will have an excellent example of picturesque, unique, and artful interior decoration and what’s more important – mighty spiritual nourishment for your soul and mind. For the time being, while you are still thinking about the purchase of your own bonsai, we have created this showcase for you to fully understand, evaluate, and simply let your eyes rest on the images of these wonderful incredibly and whimsically curved and bent trees, grown-up with love and care of the modern practitioners of bonsai technique.

Bonsai by Ivana Jurcic

Bonsai by abjurina

Bonsai #16 by ortizmj12

Cotoneaster by OpenEye

White Pine in the Snow by OpenEye

Bonsai Fall Colors — American Larch Bonsai by Grundlepuck

Bonsai in the Fall by Grundlepuck

Mame Ficus by OpenEye

Scarlet Begonias in Bonsai by the monk

Bonsai Trident Maple by Beverly Vealach

Bonsai Trident Maple by Beverly Vealach

Chinese Juniper, grafted on Sierra Juniper Bonsai by Eric in SF

Acer palmatum “Deshojo” Japanese Maple Bonsai Tree by Steve Greaves

Bald Cypress Bonsai by Eric in SF

Chinese Juniper Bonsai by Eric in SF

Mountain Hemlock Bonsai by Eric in SF


Perfection (bonsai) by * Yumi *

Japanese Maple Bonsai Tree (Acer Palmatum) by Steve Greaves

Swept by the monk

Bonsai Bend! by jreedphotography

Kingsville boxwood Lewis after first session by OpenEye

Juniper Forest NYBG 2005 by OpenEye

Bonsai Collection by Robyn Wilson

Seussian Bonsai by Grundlepuck

Forever in the Wind by Grundlepuck

I Come Bearing Gifts by Grundlepuck

Bonsai #2 by Wei Zhang

Vietnam. Flowers by Gilles Marcil

Maple Forest 12-10-08 005 by Kev Bailey

Japanese Black Pine Bonsai Tree (Pinus thunbergii) by Steve Greaves

Bonsai by Toshio Kishiyama

Bonsai Fall Colors by Toshio Kishiyama

Bonsai by LucaRam

Bonsai is…………… by LaTur

Leaning Tree by Toshio Kishiyama

BONSAI with the fruit by nene-ane

Bonsai Azalea by Kip Taylor-Brown

Bonsai Portrait by nirsha

So…. by E. Kazmi

Ficus microcarpa sumo shohin 6-30-08 by OpenEye

Japanese Mountain Maple Bonsai Tree (Acer palmatum) Red Autumn Colours by Steve Greaves

Autumn Bonsai by Toshio Kishiyama

Bonsai Fall Foliage by Toshio Kishiyama

Korean Hornbeam Bonsai Tree, Carpinus Turczaninowii, Red Autumn Colours by Steve Greaves

Horse Chestnut Bonsai Tree (Aesculus hippocastanum) with Autumn / Fall Leaves by Steve Greaves


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