Wild Animals Photo Album

Wild Animals Photo Album

They can be strong and merciless, but they never kill for sport. They can be larger than a tram and still feed on the tiny krill or zooplankton. Some of them are not larger than a dime, but their poison leaves no chance to survive to a much larger enemy… Of course, we are talking about wild animals; and now we want to invite you, our dear reader, for a virtual tour to the wild nature environment, where you’ll be able to enjoy the closer views at the wild animals, which you may or may not meet at your geographic location. Furious tigers and peaceful horses, noble eagles and wise owls, funny bear cubs and curious deer – all of them did their best to act like professional models, allowing photographers make their best shots.

Actually, there are many things humans can learn from animals, and, perhaps, one of the most important among them is “be natural and follow your instincts.” Samuel Butler once said: “All animals except man know that the ultimate of life is to enjoy it.” So, why don’t we try learning this wisdom together? Here, at Cruzine, you will find tons of pictures and illustrations of life to enjoy, and this photo gallery, featuring wild animals, could definitely be a good start…

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