Daily Inspirations no. 173

Many people believe that the true purpose of art is to show only the brightest and the most positive emotions and feelings, and to glorify beauty, perfectness, harmony, happiness, joy, and love. However, the truth is that art is and should always be equally devoted to another type of human emotions as well: sorrow, melancholy, nostalgia, grief, and even pain. Without such alternative colors, the picture of life, created by photographers, painters, and illustrators, would be incomplete and lopsided. That is why, among the images, displayed within our daily showcases, you can see the pictures of shabby houses, dead trees, poverty, or human indifference towards issues, which do call for our attention and adequate response.


Photo by Jonathan Barkat

Photo by Duncan Hall

Photo by Catherine Pluchart

typeB by Daniel Regan

Ardor of love by Soon Tong

Alice by Antonia Yordanova

Night by Harold Ross

The new world. by Sacha Heron

Earth Bound by Mike Burdon


Misc. Portraits by Jenny Mörtsell

Hip Hop Portraits Volume 2 by Michael Molloy

There’s No More Room For 2 In This Boat by Juan F. Leguizamon

Posters & flyers by pierre PHILIPPE

Flying Mouse 365 Tee Design – Week 3 by Chow Hon Lam

3d Art

Gancia One 360º Campaign by Pablo Alfieri

Art and Digital Art

Illustration | Tradigital by Rafael Sarmento

Archetypes by Attitude Creative

Balladyna by StudioKxx Krzysztof Domaradzki

Animals of nature by Patrick Monkel

ELLE Openers by BECHA


Garito Café/Bitácora Series. Part 4/July 2010 by Vicente García Morillo

L’ÉPICERIE – IDENTITY by Drach P. Claude

Untitled Places | Digital Collages by BECHA


Audi R8: History by DDB

PTE Plague Exterminator: Plagued House by Aunt Poison & The Alien Mindbenders

PETA: Bonnie-Jill Laflin by PETA


Compressive – A Skyscraper for Abu Dhabi by Sean Stillwell

Floating Off-Shore Stadium for FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar by stadiumconcept


Firebird by Northrop Grumman

Archos 9 PC Tablet by Archos




MinIcons by Asher

Download Icons


Splash Cooper by Handmadefont


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