Circles in Logo Designing

From time immemorial people have always believed that there is some hidden mystique or even divine meaning about such a simple geometrical shape as a circle. Being similar in shape to the natural objects such as the sun and the moon, circle has been associated with heavenly Powers and the life itself. That is why circles have always been among the primary choices as the key elements in heraldry, governor’s and state seal designs, and later in logo designing. Modern circle-based logos effectively combine traditional shapes and structure of a logo with the innovative approaches towards logo designing, concept developing, and decorating. Though the history of the circle-shaped logos dates back to really ancient times; this particular type of logotypes will hardly become old-fashioned or outdated eventually. Circle belongs to the fundamental shapes the urgency and value of which will never fade away.

Therian V2 by VERGad

St. Petersburg race Bureau (v.2) by 13mu

Littleleo by 13mu

Den Parukedonos by 13mu

R&E by 13mu

My Craps ver.3.1 by 13mu

Le French Bakery by Michal Ozorowski

Red Carpet Certification by OcularInk

Radient by OcularInk

Kaleidoscope Records by OcularInk

Aeolus by Matto

Pineapple Brigade by GreenInkStudio

Hanna Monika by Mateusz Turbinski

ROAST by Alex Wende

La Chatica by Bitencourt

Bright Angel Bicycle Rentals by devey

Inglewood by Simon™

Tiger 7 by Simon™

Tre Mac N’ Cheese by emesghali

Mihailovskaya(rus)v.2 by SOdesign

PropertyRocket 2 by Logomotive

KING Street Studios by Logomotive

DotGang by Logomotive

FOXHOLE by Logomotive

<3 ICE CREAM by Logomotive

Only 2% Down by Logomotive

ROAR by Logomotive

scott construction by KGB

Reliant Partners by KGB

associated sports by KGB

Canyon XPress Car Wash by Bart O’Dell

Helion AG by Art Machine

Thorpe Roses by firebrand

Sourcing Factory 2b by logoholik

First Step by logoholik

Dolce v2 by logoholik

STRATOS by logoholik

Jorge Lugo 02 by Oronoz ®

Grupo Blades by Oronoz ®

dorta by Oronoz ®

zuzu by nido

fabriqua asia by nido

Sfera by ru_ferret

Braun and Butler Construction by Joseph Blalock

FunkyRSS by Alex Wende


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