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How about visiting a virtual wine sampling right now and right here at Cruzine? Oh yes, current versions of the internet protocols do not offer yet an opportunity to stream wine over the internet like we can do with music or video… But do not despair, as an alternative to pampering your gustatory sensations, we now offer you a chance to arouse your visual sensations with the best wine bottles designs and compositions. Even not all the best restaurants could boasts of such a collection of wine labels as we have collected here at this showcase, hosted by Cruzine magazine.

Actually, not many people would deny the statement that wine-making belongs to sophisticated crafts if not to fine arts. The success and value of a particular wine is ensured by the cumulative success of several constituents, and design of a bottle and a label on it is definitely among them. Before a customer enjoys the very first sip of a wine, there is a job for a bottle to attract the attention, seduce a customer, and make him or her choose a particular wine product. The contribution of visual artists, who design the wine bottles and labels, is significant, especially today when the competition on the market is great. In order to prove the suggestion, we are displaying here some of the most interesting, unique, and attractive designs from the wine industry. Cheers!

Il Poggiarello by Massimiliano Altieri

Swoon by Amanda Mocci

Wine Label for Conflict of Interest Winery by Yael Miller

Wovenfield Wines by Brett Layton

Segreto Wine by Hugo Razo

Corporate / Brand identity – Puklavec & Friends by Frieke Severs

Gentlemen’s Agreement by Braincells

Hand Made Wine Label / SHIRAZ by Jordan Jelev

The Making of EKRINE by Jordan Jelev

Amritta Wine by the Labelmaker by Jordan Jelev

Stallion / Angelus Estate by the Labelmaker by Jordan Jelev

Wine’s package and label design by Vika and Vita Lopukhiny

Enotheque Privee by the Labelmaker by Jordan Jelev

Rare Earth Wines by Brett Layton

Dragomir Winery Estate by Jordan Jelev

Rousse Winery – Rousse Reserve Wines by Jordan Jelev

Grey Oaks Estate by Daniel Elliott

Tuida Wines by the Labelmaker by Jordan Jelev

Raynoff & Sons Winery / Horse Valley by Jordan Jelev

Ferrer Bobet 2005 – Wine label by talking

Mayrah Wine, Taltarni Vineyards by Eulie Lee by Jordan Jelev

Castello Romitorio Wine Labels by WeAreAllConnect

Amberley Secret Lane by Brett Layton

E wine by Arthur Schreiber

Tuscany & Franck’s Restaurant Wine Bottle Designs by Rod Burkholz

BIOnic wine by Beata Faron

BioWine Natura / Raynoff WInery / the Labelmaker by Jordan Jelev

BEST OF 2010 – Wine Label Designs by the Labelmaker by Jordan Jelev

Diwine-Black Edition by Samy Halim

Venturi-Schulze Vineyards by Hired Guns Creative

Client Xmas Gift 2010 Wine Bottle by BRND WGN


Gran Reserva Malbec Bicentenario by yalovi

Wine Labels by Gnatty

Casaña wine labels by Alexander Todaro


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