Daily Inspirations no. 171

Life is always cheerful and happy for the young. However, the state of feeling young is not that tightly connected with the actual age of a person: one can feel old and tired even in his twenties, while some 70-year old grandpas can sometimes show endless optimism and vigor for living. This inner state of feeling young definitely depends on the circumstances we live in and people surrounding us. While we cannot affect the latter, our Cruzine magazine still can take a chance to make your surroundings richer and brighter in colors, more positive and cheerful, and not monotonous and boring. And that is exactly the reason why we have gathered these 33 images in our today set: hopefully they will inspire you to live your life happier, easier, and more pleasurable. Spice up your day with these hot and heady artistic images, which are so variable that everyone will be able to find a couple he will like best.


Photo by Adam Taylor

Photo by Robert Jaso

Explosive Polaroid by Staudinger Franke

Photo by Bernhard Lang

Holy Men by Ken Hermann

B&W Square Minimalism by Geoffrey Gilson

ROKAS by Leandro Sanchez

Lucyla FW11* by Coni Dietrich


Artwork by John Kenn

city of angels no:12 by THE-CROW

Muerte o Gloria by Herman Plasencia

3d Arts

Ristorante Cantina Onions by Alex Jefferies

Pink inspired by Tom Theys

Art and Digital Art

Lonely Cow by John Godwin

Nike Liquefaction by Staudinger Franke

Evolution of Type, Exhibits 10, 11 & 13 by Andreas Scheiger

BBS/Alive Objets Series.Part 2/Toni Rox by Vicente García Morillo

Cover, Branding&design mag. by Rikke Jørgensen


Scarf Sloths by Jojo Norris


Architectural 3D type by Chris LaBrooy

Typographic Design + Art Direction by Craig Ward

to_do_is_to_be by ToDo


AirWick: Bucket, 2 by EuroRSCG

Colgate Max White One: Girl by Y&R Paris

Anne-Marie Monahan Dog Training: Dog, 3 by Les Évadés


Bella Sky Hotel in Copenhagen by 3XNs

Museum of Art and Design at Dundee by Kengo Kuma


Twizy by Renault

Flashkus by Art. Lebedev


UX Magazine


Antique Ornamental Paper by bittbox

Download Textures


BSS | Breakfast Interrupted by Bruton Stroube Studios


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