Architecture, That Talks to Your Emotions

Architecture, That Talks to Your Emotions

Architecture represents one of the ancient forms of fine arts and there is absolutely no doubt about this. Just like any other art, architecture itself as well as the results of an architect’s creative process is targeted at human feelings and emotions. Among all the art forms, architecture is unique because it combines perfectly the practical role and functionality of the art piece (for example, a building, bridge, or street layout) with the clearly artistic or aesthetic value of the latter. Such emotional architecture is at the center piece of our today’s showcase at Cruzine.

Unique, unlike others, fancy – these are only a few attributes, which appear in mind while looking at the photographs of some interesting architecture works, which we have gathered here within one gallery. The emotional trace of such architecture is distinct – it amazes, surprises, and astonishes from the very first glance. Even looking at the pictures of the architecture masterpieces the idea and desire of an architect to communicate a particular message through his work gets clear and obvious. Unfortunately, buildings do not speak any human language. That is why, architects use a particular language to enable communication between buildings and people; and this language uses geometric shapes, dimensions, colors, and textures to express the idea and arouse necessary emotions in the human soul.

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