Paper Art – The Refined and Fragile Beauty

Looking at the amazing art pieces by multiple artists and crafters from all over the world, the thought of naming human creativity one of the world’s wonders inevitably crosses the mind of a viewer. Practically any person, not only professional artists, has what it takes to make something beautiful, artistic, and creative. Moreover, we can create art works literary anywhere and from anything, no matter whether it is a piece of marble, mountain peak, or a recycled button. However, they say that paper is the material most often used as an artistic medium. It is really versatile; it can be used for multiple and sometimes quite unusual purposes; and the creations made from it amaze by their beauty, delicacy, and refinement.

The collection of images in our today showcase features multiple works created from paper. They are diverse in style, bright in color, and amazingly skillfully made. It must have taken the whole lot of patience and time to make all those tiniest details! At the same time, such careful and scrupulous work can seem rather soothing than boring to many people, especially if it is a creative person, who usually takes infinite pains to render in his works the smallest parts of the images created by his mind’s eye. So, we welcome you to our showcase of refined and fragile, and still so charismatic and attractive paper art!

Mt. Box // Do your own by Daniel Machado

The Follett Collection by Calvin Nicholls

Paper cut. Poster by Sveta Shubina

.collages. by Catriel Martinez

Photopolymer Pamphlet Project by Allison Wilton

Hangselm by NEVERCREW

Paper City by Lauren Pritchard

Paperland by JonDoe

Brazil´s Federal Bank by Carlos Meira

Reggae by People Too

Beat Box (Soma Records) by Ewan Leckie

Paper cuts – Rolls by Anastassia Elias

Paper Game by Zim And Zou

Lobster for Dinner by Zim And Zou

Christmas Star by Zim And Zou

Carnival Paper – paper sculptures by Carlos Meira

Terrible Yellow Eyes by Alberto Cerriteno

Follett Library Resources – Hummingbird by Calvin Nicholls

We Are Showroom Dummies by People Too

Monstera by People Too

Stories from the Neighbourhood by Jon Humphreys

Jane by Andreas Scheiger


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