Portraits of the Lost World – Table Mountains of Venezuela

Needless to say, that the Nature is the greatest and the most genius artist ever known at the planet Earth. Throughout millions of years Nature has been created its masterpieces using Earth surface as the canvas and winds, water, and sun lights as the instruments. Grand mountains, eroded in a fancy way, deep canyons, unreachable caves, virgin forests and underground lakes – we would mostly associate all of these with the sceneries of some lost worlds. However, the word “lost” is very relative here. Instead of being modified by human civilization beyond recognition, these places managed to save their true faces, being touched only by the natural processes.

Modern people have always been attracted by such lost worlds; maybe, it is because of our passion for adventures or the restless urge for new discoveries. However, it is most likely that there is one more explanation of such attraction – at places like those, you’ll see on the pictures below, a man can feel himself being a part of the nature, primeval nature. He can enjoy its beauty, he can feel its wisdom, and he can learn from that wisdom, gaining the universal knowledge about himself and about the surrounding world, he lives in. Have a look at our gallery of the lost worlds portraits, enjoy the true beauty and magnificence of the Nature’s greatest masterpieces, and feel the power of the primeval art.

RORAI60 by Paulo Liebert

RORAI92 by Paulo Liebert

Der “Wunderbaum” in der Gran Sabana, Venezuela by Gunther Wegner

Cukenan by Fabian Michelangeli

Destination Table Top by Éamonn Lawlor

“The Bow” of Roraima by Fabian Michelangeli

Mount Kukenán, Venezuela by Gunther Wegner

VENEZUELA – Mt. Roraima by Boaz

RORAI85 by Paulo Liebert

Auyantepuy by Fabian Michelangeli

Emerald Lake, Cukenan Tepuy by Fabian Michelangeli

Rock towers, Auyantepuy by Fabian Michelangeli

2733 Salto Sapito by Ronald de Hommel

2311 Salto Angel by Ronald de Hommel

Kamarkaibarai-tepuy by Fabian Michelangeli

Rock towers, Chimanta by Fabian Michelangeli

Shangrila 1, Auyantepuy by Fabian Michelangeli

On top of Mount Roraima by Gunther Wegner

Is it a Turtle? Top of Mount Roraima by Gunther Wegner

Our hotel on top of Mount Roraima by Gunther Wegner

Mount Kukenán by Gunther Wegner

The massive wall of Mount Roraima by Gunther Wegner

Angel Falls by Jan Enkelmann

Rock arch, Cukenan Tepuy by Fabian Michelangeli

RORAI83 by Paulo Liebert

Sapito minero en hoja by Arianna AQ

The Edge of a Lost World by Michael Anderson

Phot.Venezuela.Angel.Falls by Frank Müller

Sarisarinami Tepui Sinkhole, Venezuela by Karen Nicolas

Top of Mount Roraima – The abyss by Gunther Wegner

View from Roraima to Kukenán by Gunther Wegner

Jasper Falls, Quebrada de Jaspe, Venezuela by Gunther Wegner

Una arañita by Arianna AQ

Cukenan by Fabian Michelangeli

Murosipan-tepuy by Fabian Michelangeli

Rock labyrinth, Auyantepuy by Fabian Michelangeli

Aparaman by Fabian Michelangeli

2303 Salto Angel by Ronald de Hommel

EL_FOSO_in_Mt_Roraima_001 by Egarces

El foso – Tepui Roraima by Paco Alfonso

Tepuy by Nathaly Rizo

Spikes by Daniel Vargas

View by Pernille Mogensen

Where the Dark River Rises by Michael Anderson

Expedition RORAIMA – KUKENAN 2006 by K2 Studio

RORAIMA – KUKENAN by unknown

TEPUY – Expedition Chimanta by K2 Studio

Ayuan Tepui by K2 Studio


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