Logo Designs with Single Letters at Focus

People have noticed long ago than using initial letter from one’s personal name, especially if that letter is artfully decorated to form what is known as monogram, is a stylish and sophisticated way to indentify oneself. That is why such monograms were often used in heraldry, on personal stamps, seals, or emblems. Today, the same idea is often used in logo design, when designers build the entire logo around one dominating letter, which attracts most of attention thanks to large size and rich decoration. There are many examples of logo designs to illustrate the practice of using dominant letters in logo design, and now we want to share with you some of the most interesting logo designs of this particular type.

Heidco vines by mfrank

DeVine Guitars vines by Simon™

DG by Matto

BC by Rokis

Kayako v2 by Logomotive

Pixana by Lefty

Mohawk by brandsirrah

Coding Hour by ru_ferret

meyvis5 by absimile

Fubano by Sean Heisler

Roster Forge by EBrown

KINGSBURY by alterego

RYPAR by Jan Zabransky

bremero (farhan irani) by nitish.b

GC logo by nitish.b

Franz Bernard by nitish.b

Altorius by Matto

QXMedia by nido

OpenCandy by StudioInk

Jessica and Tony by JoePrince

Rubloff by Logomotive

Synchology by itsgareth

Union House by firebrand

Augusto Villa by kugelis

bertha by kaimere

K by firebrand

Northridge Homes by OcularInk

neogen by crislabno

Daily Jazz by lumo

Namyslow Airport by contactme

Sara Design by andreiu

miric by bigoodis

wip by contrast8

enable Holdings by entz

Zero G by eltrev

Muhtarov by ru_ferret

kakara by nitish.b

Browsera by Rokac

SOCIONIC 1a by Logomotive

Hoff Bros. 1 by devey

Zmex Business Center by graforidza

Woodland by OcularInk

Zeughaus by milash

Hodie by – Yoon -

OneFund by Logomotive

Amuse by tdf

Mega by VB Design

Global Feature by OcularInk

Alsona by sbdesign

OptaQuest2 by Logomotive

Chacham Capital by Alto

Admix Designs by JoePrince

Shelfster by andreiu

WP Monogram V2 by Logomotive

Bee by Alexander Spliid


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