Daily Inspirations no. 166

We are all living in the time of the 3D craze. Indeed, more and more arts are moving to three-dimensional format. Practically all of the latest films are demonstrated in 3D format only. Here, at Cruzine, we also have examples of 3D art, regularly displayed in our daily inspirational sets, like this one below. However, 3D is hardly self-sufficient – many other types of art, including illustration, painting, photography, and even font design contribute to the existence and success of the 3D effect. Today, technology and art seem to work hard in order to erase the visible difference between the real world and a man-created virtual environment. Eventually, they will definitely achieve the goal…


Pig by Chris Frazer Smith

Powdered Blue by Tim Tadder

Tap In Water by Sharad Haksar

Apartments France by Chris Frazer Smith

Glenn Plake by Erik Almas

Legs by Jose Torralba

Untitled by Glyn Davies

Dart River New Zealand by Simon Stock

China Highspeed Rail 1 by Kevin Necessary

Girl In Window by Struan Cs


Hope by Uwe Jarling

Valkyrie by Yigit Koroglu

Thoth by Ken Matheson

Sadness by Yuehui Tang

3d Arts

Talos-Demon centaur by Emanuel Dasilva Luz

Guardian by Rafael Grassetti

GravityRun – Rebel Orbital Facility by Henning Ludvigsen

Art and Digital Art

Dog of Zone VIII by Lukasz Pazera

Bon Iver Album Cover by Gregory Euclide

Bonded by Veaone


3D Type collection by Chris LaBrooy

Nike 10 by Alexis Marcou

3D work by Chris LaBrooy


T-Mobile: Talking Heads, Freckles by Y&R

Ford Explorer: Rear view by JWT

Baygon: Sink by Giovanni+Draftfcb


Hexagon Park Stadium by stadiumconcept

Ocean Pavilion for the 2012 Yeosu World Expo by SOMA


C-X75 Hybrid by Jaguar

Paperphone by Human Media Lab




Watercolor Splatters by Denny Tang

Download Photoshop Brushes


CHICK by Mayki


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