Last Communist Countries – Existence after the Dusk

Communism as the idea of building the ideal society with no classes, with common ownership of all the production means, and free access of any citizen to any type of article of consumption first emerged at the end of the 19th century and reached its apogee in the middle of the 20th century after the victory of the Soviet Union in the World War II. By early 80th of the previous century communism has already come to decline and with the 1991 breakdown of the Soviet Union, the largest bulwark of communism in the world, historians declared the collapse of the communist ideology. However, there are still countries in the world following the ideas, proclaimed by Karl Marx and further developed by Vladimir Lenin.

People’s Republic of China, Republic of Cuba, Vietnam, North Korea are featured in the today’s gallery of last communist countries at Cruzine. Being a design magazine, we understand that here it is not the best place to discuss the advantages and drawbacks of communism and countries following it. However, communism is not only about political or social structure – it also influenced and, obviously, still continues to influence the development of art in the above mentioned countries. So, we just want to focus on the art component of modern communist societies. That is why, we are offering here photography, posters, illustrations, and street art works, featuring the theme of communist countries, ideology, and lifestyle.

Welcome to Pyongyang by Charlie Crane

Streets of Pyongyang in the afternoon by Rauden Källstigen

In the countryside North Korea by Eric Lafforgue

“We Serve the People!” – North Korea by Eric Lafforgue

North Korean soldiers. by Shan L

Back from my 3rd trip in North Korea by Eric Lafforgue

Mansu hill Pyongyang North Korea by Eric Lafforgue

“If we have our great leader, we will win!” North Korea propaganda poster by Eric Lafforgue

“Glory to the heroic DPRK soldiers!” Propaganda poster North Korea by Eric Lafforgue

Arirang in Pyongyang North Korea by Eric Lafforgue

Young pioneer in Pyongyang North Korea by Eric Lafforgue

Propaganda army poster North Korea by Eric Lafforgue

Children pixels in Arirang North Korea by Eric Lafforgue

North Korean Traffic Lady and propaganda poster by Eric Lafforgue

Arirang in Pyongyang North Korea by Eric Lafforgue

Vamos bien by Leo Viera

Asi… es Cuba by Beyond Teresa

Viva Cuba Libre! by Danilo Siqueira

From Guevara to Chavez by Ben Heine

Café Habana by Jim Skea

L’Habana de l’Est, Cuba, 1997. by Sergi Bernal

Exit havana exit cuba by Ephraim Muller

Heroica siempre by Francesco Pallante

Propaganda by Benjamin & Yann

Photo by Graeme Nicol

Mao poster by Slow Boat to China

Smashing the Gang of Four by Raymond Cunningham

Chinese Communist party propoganda poster, with Mao at the top by Wesley Fryer

Long Line of Leaders by Kris Krüg

Soldiers by Steve Webel

Serving the people by Luo Shaoyang

TianAnMen by Stanislav Blumkin

Censorship in China by Lance Webel

Communist propaganda in Vietnam by Eric Lafforgue

Propaganda 8 by Chynna Wong

Vietnam Propaganda Poster by Edson Walker

Bust of Ho Chi Minh, The Reunification Palace (ex-Presidential Palace), Saigon by John Campbell

Vientiane, Kaysone Phomvihane Museum by Stewie1980

Propaganda by Brian Degenhardt

Lenin by Loïc

Vientiane, Lao People’s Army History Museum by Stewie1980

Propaganda poster for army – Laos by Eric Lafforgue

Solider & child by MrTomTom

Vietnam War memorial in Phonsavan, Laos by John of Dallas


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