Transparent Screens – A Little Trick to Surprise Your Friends

Imagine the screen of your laptop or iPad could become transparent so that you could see objects behind it as if you are looking through the glass wall. Do you think it is impossible for the current state of technologies? Well, maybe this task is currently too hard for engineers; but let us assure you that artists have already created transparent screens. Have a look at the first picture below and, we bet, you won’t help browsing the entire gallery. The pictures of transparent screens seem fantastic and real at the same time. After all, we are all living in the third millennium, when almost everything is possible and the border between imagination and reality may sometimes be very thin.

OK, now when you have already looked at the pictures of transparent screens we have here, it is time to confess that such transparency is nothing but a skillfully crafted visual effect or optic illusion, better to say. But, what a bright idea it is – to use the picture of real objects behind your computer and then set this picture as the desktop wallpaper! The idea is simple and genius simultaneously, isn’t it? Maybe, this trick seems too simple, but its effect is impressive… Now, when you know the secret, why don’t you try doing the same trick with your own computer screen and surprise people around you?

Transparent Screen by Paladin27

Transparent Screen Gun by Kévin DESCOUBES

Transparent Screen by Anterras

Transparent screens by Takaaki Summer

Transparent screen 2 by Keith Conroy

Transparent Screen Experiment by Steve Webel

DSP 81: Transparent iPhone & MacBook 2007-08-06 by Vern Hart

Infinite Flickr #28 by Chris Beach

See-thru laptops! by Kaspar Metz

xMac by scienceduck

iPhone transparent screen by Enrique Dans

Pac-Manic by Al McNulty

Transparent Screen – alexlop by François Rejeté

Transparentes by Pixelin Pictures

Perry eyePhone by SLOrk

Transparent screen by Patryk Dwórznik

Transparent desktop 02 by Owen Billcliffe

Cookie Monitor by eyes of disarray

Brett by SLOrk

115/365 Transparent Screen by Erich Leeth

The screen has fallen out of my Mac by Ben Thorns

Transparent iPhone 2 by Matthew Maber

Transparent screen #3 by wins72

Transparent Screen by G Luff

P1000276 by marco mariano [engrmariano]

Desktop desktop by Zeb Hodge

Transparent screen by Steve Curtner

Working at home 04/02/10 by fallenidol

Transparent Monitor #2 by Heungsub Lee

jm3’s Glass iPhone by John Manoogian III

What happened to my laptop? by Nick Hoedemakers

Transparent screen by Winfried Neessen

Icon manipulation by Phil Marley

Transparent Screen by Jakob Renpening

Transparent Screen: Take 3 233/365 by Attila Acs

See Thru Desktop by Jason B

Transparent screen 2.0 by freeflyer09

Clear Screen 1 by Richard Flink

Transparent desktop by Irja Elisa

P1000303 by marco mariano [engrmariano]


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