Daily Inspirations no. 165

Every day we start a new web search for fresh ideas, cool designs, interesting information, attractive styles, and useful websites to share with our readers and thus provide them with a new daily portion of inspiration from Cruzine. It may seem that browsing hundreds of photos, pictures, logos, advertising posters, and fantastic architecture designs on a daily basis may eventually turn into a dull and monotonous activity. But, nope! Every day we find something that really attracts the eye and touches the heart. The diversity and richness of the visual art is so incredibly boundless! This ocean of art is ready to inspire us constantly, so why don’t you take the opportunity and join us here.


Gold by Jonathan Knowles

Campaign De Werf by Dirckx Lieven

Mamadeira by Marcus Hausser

Dying River by Hilary Hann

Life On The Brink by Hilary Hann

Queensboro Bridge Nyc by Matt Mawson

Stella Mccartney Deflowering Ad by Stan Musilek

Matches by Adrian Lander

Islay Shipwreck by David Boni

Dawn Olivieri by Caesar Lima


Gollog Almap by Lucas Leibholz

UnderseaV2 by Hugh Sicotte

Dreamscape (Launch) by Jama Jurabaev

Finish Him by Peter Petkov

Gnome by Víctor Pérez Corbella

Angus the ginger Scotsman by Par Green

3d Arts

Havaianas goo 3 by Marcos de Moraes Sampaio

Zagros medium by Zeinab Nematzade

Art and Digital Art

Nike 10 by Alexis Marcou

Collage digital 2011 by Luis Toledo


no. 6 by Richard Perez

Never Ending Circle of Life by Takuro Utsumi

Had-enough-of-you by Steven Bonner


Gold’s Gym: Burger by Bleublancrouge

Acerca: Mini Me, Latin Lover by Giovanni+Draft FCB

Off!: Beach by Giovanni+Draft FCB


National Concert Hall Dublin by 3XN

Football Stadium FC Bate Borisov by OFIS arhitekti


S1 and S2 by Sony

Jetlev-Flyer by Jetlev Technologies


Alternative Movie Posters


Fine Spatters by brushlovers

Download Photoshop Brushes


Legend Of The Golden Egg Warrior by CRUSH


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