Daily Inspirations no. 164

The particular branch of photography, where artists, such as Dirckx Lieven, experiment with capturing liquids and especially falling or flying liquids, has always attracted much attention of the public. There is really something magical or fantastic in seeing the drops or splashes of water or paint captured still on the picture. However, liquid photography is only one of many aspects of photography, illustration, and other forms of modern digital art we are devoting our daily inspirational sets to. We welcome here all the design professionals, amateurs, and just fans of visual design and graphics – Cruzine magazine has many outstanding art works stuffed with inspiration, interesting ideas, experience, and knowledge to share with its readers.


Photo by Alyat

Photo by Johannes Heuckeroth

Photo by Aleksandr Marinicev

Panadol Handbags by Adrian Lander

Monkey And Man by Jim Erickson

Naked Through The Hole by Glyn Davies

Haight Ashbury by Jim Erickson

Surfer by Charles Harris

Speyside Ii by Chris Close

Scotland Ii by Chris Close

Climate Change by Michael Hall

Campaign De Werf by Dirckx Lieven


STEAMPUNK CHARACTERS by Georges Le Mercenaire

The Amazing Octomatix by Juan Parra

Miss Holly Cakes by Serge Birault

3d Arts

Troll Berserker by Phillip W. Anderson

May Gift by Carlos Ortega Elizalde

Art and Digital Art

Haduken by Jan Gonzales

Ulker Ole by Bahadir Tanriover

Building A New Energy 1 by John Fulton


New Projects II by Serial Cut

Type – Two by Jordan Metcalf

3D Type collection by Chris LaBrooy


Renault Megane CC: Angels by Publicis Conseil

Resistol 911: Vase by Young & Rubicam

Tok&Stok: Arrow, 1 by DDB


LO2P: Delhi Recycling Center by Atelier CMJN

Flat Tower by Yoann Mescam, Paul-Eric Schirr-Bonnans, Xavier Schirr-Bonnans


COOL LEAF by Minebea



Free Photoshop Brushes


Glossy Text Styles by Mikolaj Dobrucki

Download Photoshop .PSD Files


Optimist by Brian Thomson


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