Photography of Live “As Is”

In contrast to photographs, made in photo studios with arranged light, prepared backgrounds, and trained models, street or daily life photography tends to reflect the live on the “as is” basis, simply portraying the true faces of life without hiding its drawbacks under the layer of makeup or focusing at the positive aspects only. After all, art is not only about beauty, it is also about truth, sincerity, and honesty, whatever forms it appears at. We, at Cruzine, would like to show our audience all the diversity of modern art and photography in particular. That is why we are publishing today a separate gallery of photographs, featuring life. Yes, it may sound too ambitiously, but that is actually what you will see below – the life in its entire diversity.

Daily life of big cities and small communities, work and entertainment, children and seniors, in color and in black & white – there are many different pictures of life here. You can enjoy all of them, but do not forget to take a close look at the faces of people at each of the photo – you will see real emotions: gladness and despair, happiness and wisdom, hope and childish naivety. All these photographs reflect the daily life of people in different locations around the globe. Anyone of us, actually, could easily be a part or even an author of such art photography. The only problem is that most of us are too busy to notice art component in our own daily life. Fortunately, looking for the art component is what photographers are usually busy with; as the result we can now enjoy photographs like those, displayed below.

India. Sunset in Jaipur by Taranenko

Little Red Riding Hood by Veysel Kocakaya

Floating market by Kochava P

set19 by Anatoliy Agapov

Mushroom by Alesya Domashchuk

Learn To Capture…………… by Dewan Irawan

Cairo obrero by Ivan Flores Casasempere

Venice by Alexey Telyatnikov

About Life 32 by Mete Özbek

Feeding my Pigeon by Agah Permadi

About Life 31 by Mete Özbek

Torfkahn by Jürgen Heuser

About Life 30 by Mete Özbek

The moment by Falko

Untitled by Eugene Gursky

Sage by Natalia Ciobanu

Want to go home by saelanwangsa

Old man and the City by Burningmonk. by The Yard Collective

Talking With Cops by Thomas Hawk

*** by Vanya Buchel

Terminus by Stéphane AUVRAY

About Life 26 by Mete Özbek

About Life 13 by Mete Özbek

About Life 15 by Mete Özbek

About Life 12 by Mete Özbek

About Life 10 by Mete Özbek

About Life 4 by Mete Özbek

Sunny Day by Matteo Angelotti

Gardener.. by Vincent Chung

Untitled by Denis Buchel

… 1 x YES, 2 x Apple by Peter Petzold

Don’t Be Fooled by Mark Forman

Boy with pencil by Django Se7en

Bus station (II) by Florin Stoica

Rush Hour by Django Se7en

New life … by John Dolan

Childhood by EDYTA GRADZKA

Oldman of Lazio II by Django Se7en

Salted fish.. by Vincent Chung

Little Drummer’s by Karl Aster

BIG Ice by Karl Aster

Discussion.. by Edmondo Senatore

Going Home.. by Henry Trust

Ramet – Romania by Stefan Chirobocea

Cheery smile by Andre Yordan

On roll by Karl Aster

The photographer by Stefano Fabiani


Waiting for the fish 2 by Pavel Volkov

Rainy Day by Sungjong Kim

Daily moment by Vera Toro_to

The Simplicity by Henry Trust

A man and his dog .. by Edmondo Senatore

Daily routine starts over that line by Marius Tudor

forestry worker by Thomas Müller

Life by Franklin Thompson

In expectations. by Mike Mart

Along the road by saelanwangsa

The breakfast by Frank Dang


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