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If you want somebody to know something – tell this to him in words. Language and text as its written representation was once created as the means of communication between people and since then it has been the primary source and means of human civilization development and progress. Text logos, we have in the showcase today, are the best examples of the laconic yet highly efficient way for a business to identify itself and to tell customers or partners the key words, valued by this particular business entity. Typography or font design is essentially important for text logos – after the text itself font is the next primary element of the text logo design. So, have a look at the collection below and pay attention at the way designers combine words with simple colors and very rich typography. Tell us what you think about these logos by commenting below – Cruzine loves to hear the voice of its readers.

Frieda’s vines by Simon™

bt4 by Wizemark

CAT by Floris Voorveld

Razor & Tie v2 by dannygdammit

Robin by Sergey Babenko

Kiski by serhos

gamelab by yelds

eco motion by davishama

Aroma Cafe by Jerron Ames

Cedric Gervais by mabu

Blendze by helvetic brands

Crimson Pies by SimonFenix

Bad Boy Night Club by SimonFenix

Oneline by macov

Dino by – Yoon -

Etin by brandsirrah

STALLIO by crislabno

vuvav by Alexander Wende

PRIVAX CONCEPT 03 by Alexander Wende

Karma Café by Simon™

Anghi by Sergey Babenko

Golf by Type08

incanto by Ai-Du Branding

BudgetBuild.ru by Alisa1711

Fresh by cspainey

Artists & Repertoire Music Collective by dannygdammit

Crepers by Darkh

Jewlietta v2 by Lecart

Arches by Jerron Ames

Fringy by serhos

J. Munch by serhos

Rckt by Juan Chavarria Jr.

Candy by Type08

Libra by Rokac

e-pot by Mikeymike

twyst by cresk

skinny’s by Floris Voorveld

RXTR by itsgareth

Hej TV by Rokac

Minot by Mikeymike

Alice logo by LadyGrey

vita by nido

beeq by krown

fenk by cleos

LolaBee’s by SimonFenix

xray by jokohana

Slik by phillennium

Yes Wes by Bart O’Dell

Systm by AnalogSystm

VESSEL by Will Luper


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