Daily Inspirations no. 161

Is it the inspiration you are looking for on the net right now to create some masterpieces of your own? If so, you are, definitely, at the right place, because Cruzine offers tons of inspiration sources for all kinds of visual art – photography, digital painting and illustration, typography, architecture, interior design, web design, etc. Behind the pictures you’ll see below, you will find the knowledge, fresh ideas, interesting techniques, and versatile themes for an artist to work on and offer the audience his personalized even intimate view and perspective for really eternal things, such as the beauty of a human body and nature, the truth and sincerity of life, achievements and pitfalls of the evolution, and boundless capabilities of imagination and fantasy.


Photo by despair

Photo by Luke Austin

Photo by Johannes Heuckeroth

Cloud of memoirs by Andrey Yakovlev & Lili Aleeva

Closer @ Faint Mag by Carla Pires


New Moon for Beauty magazine by PetOrly


Gradient mesh. Portraits by Ruslan Khasanov

Commercial Illustration by Denis Zilber

illustration MIX 2010 by Andrey Gordeev

3d Arts

Promotional Artwork by Finger Industries Ltd.

3D Work by Chris LaBrooy

Art and Digital Art

Artwork by Frank Melech

Artwork by Victor Sheleg

Artwork by Kal Gajoum

Artwork by Sue Howells

Posters by Teresa Vitalli

Emotions control your expression by Mauricio Raffin

2011 by Raphael Vicenzi

Curling Players by Fabrice Le Nezet


Fuzzy by Richard Perez

I Would Die 4 You! by Takuro Utsumi

No-way-bill by Steven Bonner


First Floor Under Magazine: Piracy, Jimi Hendrix by FirstFloorUnder TBWA

Uno Stacko: Cyclist by Ogilvy & Mather

New Ark Mission of India: Newspaper by Ogilvy & Mather


Cultural Center in Albania by BIG

Contemporary Habitable Bridge by Philippe Rizzotti, Vermet Tanguy, Manal Rachdi, and Samuel Nageotte


freeKEY by Scosche

Turntable iPhone Dock concept by Olivier Meynard




45royale by 45royale

Download HTML Mail Template


Rippled- All India Radio by DarcyPrendergast


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