It is Unbelievable What Can be Made from Clay

It is Unbelievable What Can be Made from Clay

Clay has been among the natural materials people started to use in their experiments with the art of sculpture at the very dawn of the civilization. Practically all the household utensils, pots, ritual statuettes, and decorations were made from clay at those days. Today, when a Teflon pan is often much easier to find than a pot made from the natural clay, it is mainly sculptors and craftspeople, who still use clay, both naturally occurring and polymer clay, to create things, ranging from home décor items to pure art pieces, though the border here is really vague…

If there is no a craft trade fair or sculpture museum in your location now, you can enjoy the collection of clay articles right now and right here, at Cruzine the design magazine. We have gathered in this showcase the pictures of different hand-made clay items: from real-looking pastries imitations to entire scene compositions. All of them are bright, featuring extremely vivid colors; the shapes and contours are sometimes rough, but there is some specificity and meaning about such roughness – clay is extremely flexible material, so an artist can make the thing exactly as he wants it to look. The diversity of hand-made clay stuff just proves once again the universality of this natural material, as well as its unique ability to transform in the skillful hands of a craftsman from the indiscernible earth mineral into a bright and vivid piece of art.

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