Marvelous City of Rio de Janeiro

Known as “Cidade Maravilhosa” or Marvelous City, Rio de Janeiro is one of the world’s brightest, most famous, colorful, and joyful cities in the world. By the way, Rio de Janeiro is translated into English as “River of January”. World’s biggest carnivals, samba dancing, rhythms of Bossa Nova, bright football, perfect sandy beaches, the giant statue of Christ the Redeemer – these is only a small fraction of things, which made this city a world known with inimitable atmosphere, authentic climate and unique people. The city is considered to be the citadel of joy, happiness, cheerfulness, openness, and sincerity.

If you have never been to Rio de Janeiro, the gallery of photographs, featuring this marvelous city, will help you understand and, maybe, even feel the atmosphere, reigning there. We have collected different pictures – from the grandeur architecture and monuments to vivid moments of Brazilian carnivals and to the pictures of life far from joy and happiness of mass celebrations. As any other city with global importance, Rio de Janeiro is the city of contrasts. Pictures below will show you those contrasts, but it is up to you to decide what prevails there – a world-known well-crafted image of Rio de Janeiro or some unadvertised and unrevealed faces of Rio…

Ipanema by Maíra Erlich

Ipanema by Marcelo Nacinovic

Niterói e Rio de Janeiro – Brasil by Claudio Lara

Arpoador, Ipanema e Leblon by Ruy Barbosa Pinto

I stand on the beach alone,and gaze at the misty blue… I wish I could pause this moment forever… by Neusa

Praia de Copacabana Beach Rio de Janeiro by Sergio Luiz


Summertime..girls just wanna have fun… by Neusa

The girl from Ipanema loves Summer by Neusa

Once upon a time in a distant place called Copacabana… by Eliezer Sanchez Safra

Leisure Time by bossa67

… the country of soccer ! – Paraty . Rio de Janeiro – BRAZIL by Ju Fumero

Rio de Janeiro – Copacabana by Ricardo Fujii

Young boys play soccer in Rocinha, Rio de Janeiro by Balazs Gardi

Estádio do Maracanâ Rio de Janeiro Brasil by o.dirce

Grande Baile de Carnaval, Copacabana Palace, Rio de Janeiro by Quasebart

Carnaval Rio de Janeiro 2010 by Quasebart

Vila_Isabel, samba & platform sandals by

Rio de Janeiro by Ruy Barbosa Pinto

Pão de Açúcar, Rio de Janeiro – RJ by Pedro Cavalcante

Morro da Viração – Parque da Cidade – Escultura Nossa Senhora Aparecida ? by Claudio Lara

Por do Sol com FriendS – Sunset with the FriendS 2 by Rick Ipanema

Morro Dois Irmãos Leblon Rio de Janeiro by Sergio Luiz

Sinais de Fumaça [Smoke Signals] by Jim Skea

Cristo Redentor – Corcovado by Quasebart

Cristo Redentor by Ville Miettinen

Cristo Redentor (Christ Redeemer) by bossa67

Peaceful 2007 to Wonderful City by esther.linoff

Ilha Fiscal – RIo de Janeiro by Ricardo Fujii

Two by innusa

Lagoa by André Luiz Martins


Yin Yang – Brasil – Rio de Janeiro – Brazil by Claudio Lara

Metrô – Subway – Rio de Janeiro by Claudio Lara

Casa do Papai Noel ? Santa Claus’ house? by Claudio Lara

Parque Lage – Lage Park by Ruy Barbosa Pinto

Rio de Janeiro – Centro da Cidade – Rio downtown by Claudio Lara

Catedral Presbiteriana do Rio de Janeiro by Ruy Barbosa Pinto

Igreja da Penha by Rick Ipanema

Taxi by moped by Kaj Bjurman

Baile Funk by Ruy Barbosa Pinto

No Limit by Pascal Lemlijn

Happiness is found where you least expect it by Yuri Moraes

Please, play again by Tatiana Cardeal

Morro da Providência/RJ by Ratao Diniz Diniz

Tia, tira uma foto? by Virginia Primo

War in Rio de Janeiro by Pedro Serra

Brazil Violence by Felipe Dana

Photo by Hughes Léglise-Bataille

Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. by James Rodríguez

Favela – Caniço – Bairro de Lata by Samuel Kassapian Jr

Downhill Red Bull by Ruy Barbosa Pinto

Providência by Ruy Barbosa Pinto

Infrastructure in the Favela by Andreas Nilsson

Buying fruit is healthy… by Pascal Lemlijn

More than monkeys and trees by Rafael Thomé

Rio de Janeiro by Jo Bentdal

Nike Soccer by Joao Canziani

Dona Marta by Anna Clara Carvalho


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