Daily Inspirations no. 160

Our today inspirational set will be of special interest for all those who value the pure art of painting. Today we have included the works of such modern artists as Frank Melech, L. W. Howard, Victor Sheleg, Kent R. Wallis and Antoine Blanchard into our collection of 33 unique images. With these paintings you will discover the real Wonderland of skills, colors, sensitivity, and magic. Being absolutely charmed with these paintings, we nonetheless have not forgotten to include surreal illustrations, sincere photography, conceptual architecture and many other images into our gallery. Thus, visiting this set, you will definitely combine the pleasure of watching beautiful diverse works with the valuable experience of acquiring new ideas and gaining inspiration for you own projects!


Photo by Luke Austin

Photo by despair

Photo by Isa Leshko

Photo by Johannes Heuckeroth

Photo by Andrey Yakovlev & Lili Aleeva

Old Movie by Andrey Yakovlev & Lili Aleeva

Samuel Dong FW10 by RVPROD

Tronized Beauty by Ludovic Taillandier


Bob & Betty by Anne Wenkel

Audi Russia Calendar 2011 by Roma Erohnovich

The 2Vth by Marwan Shahin

Tower of Babel by Luke Tomski

The Big Tibbu-juju-kek and his hearts rain. by Wilmer Murillo

Five friends from Hell by Eder Minetto

3d Arts

Promotional Artwork by Finger Industries Ltd

Art and Digital Art

Artwork by Frank Melech

Artwork by Antoine Blanchard

Artwork by Victor Sheleg

Artwork by L.W.Howard

Artwork by Kent R. Wallis


Six seven by Richard Perez

Saturday Night by Takuro Utsumi

Rad warrior / skinny ships by Richard Perez


Mint Vinetu Bookstore: Become Someone Else, 1 by Love Agency

First Floor Under Magazine: Piracy, Bob Marley by FirstFloorUnder TBWA

Latin Wagon: Burrito by Bohan


Kinetower by Kinetura

Saprophyte by Karolina Czochańska, Emilia Dekarz, Paweł Dudko and Justyna Krupkowska


Alpha bike by University of Pennsylvania

Solar Impulse by HB-SIA


Best App Ideas


PRESSure WordPress Theme by 177DESIGNS

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Hooray For Earth – True Loves by Dovecote Records


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